NEW YORK — After just a few shows, Nicki Minaj has been fired as a judge on popular reality singing competition “American Idol.” From strange accents to bouts with fellow judge Mariah Carey, producers made the decision after a heated shouting match during the program’s latest stop.
“They just had it,” a source says. “They told her to pack her bags and head over to ‘America’s Got Talent.’”
Minaj made waves in entertainment news when she was first announced as a candidate for judge duties last year. Her flamboyant demeanor and rumored attitude had many thinking she just wouldn’t fit in to a show that’s supposed to about the contestants.


Tensions seemed to be brewing during the first few episodes, as well. As many cite issues between Minaj and Carey to be mutually instigated, those close to the show maintain that it came down to a choice between the two. And Carey’s veteran presence in the music industry seems to have contributed to her staying on rather than being the one to get the boot.
“If you ask me, Mariah is the one with the attitude,” said another source close to the show. “There was definitely a Team Nicki vs. Team Mariah kind of thing going on.”
Though many weren’t sure the pairing was going to last for the season, it appears the stint is even more short-lived than first thought. However, some don’t rule out a comeback for Minaj.
“Watch — I bet they get her back on for Hollywood Week,” said RandyJacksonFan34, a commenter on the popular “Idol” message board Idol Love.


  1. It's unbelievable anyone has elevated this pathetic excuse for a woman/judge/human to the level where she actually has a following and has had any degree of success from whatever she did before she poisoned AI fully and completely. What a stupid-looking, babbling nitwit with that ridiculous speech, hair, moronic comments, nastiness, etc. . . . Want to know what I really think of her? haha. What a sad day for American "talent" shows – let AI die a shame death and pray Nicki Minaj oozes back into the swamp from whence she emerged.

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  3. Well, the only reason why the folks at AI put Mariah Carey and Minaj together is because they hoped the controversy would generate larger audiences. AI has ran its course and it is either time to revamp the show entirely or just let it ride off into the sunset.

  4. Exactly why don't Nicki Minaj accomplish with Us Idol?
    Question exactly why Nicki don't accomplish at all for the entire time of year associated with Us Idol? All of those other all judges did one thing. Keith Elegant sang numerous tunes. Randy Knutson competed acoustic guitar many times. Possibly Miriah Carey sang. Nicki merely lay right now there carrying out only judging the entire time of year. I know she raps why don't she no less than perform rap music? She seemed to be paid out sums of money. You should imagine that would likely need she accomplish at least once. We have feelings it has one thing regarding the girl power to sing out effectively.


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