NEW YORK — After just a few shows, Nicki Minaj has been fired as a judge on popular reality singing competition “American Idol.” From strange accents to bouts with fellow judge Mariah Carey, producers made the decision after a heated shouting match during the program’s latest stop.
“They just had it,” a source says. “They told her to pack her bags and head over to ‘America’s Got Talent.’”
Minaj made waves in entertainment news when she was first announced as a candidate for judge duties last year. Her flamboyant demeanor and rumored attitude had many thinking she just wouldn’t fit in to a show that’s supposed to about the contestants.


Tensions seemed to be brewing during the first few episodes, as well. As many cite issues between Minaj and Carey to be mutually instigated, those close to the show maintain that it came down to a choice between the two. And Carey’s veteran presence in the music industry seems to have contributed to her staying on rather than being the one to get the boot.
“If you ask me, Mariah is the one with the attitude,” said another source close to the show. “There was definitely a Team Nicki vs. Team Mariah kind of thing going on.”
Though many weren’t sure the pairing was going to last for the season, it appears the stint is even more short-lived than first thought. However, some don’t rule out a comeback for Minaj.
“Watch — I bet they get her back on for Hollywood Week,” said RandyJacksonFan34, a commenter on the popular “Idol” message board Idol Love.

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  1. I will not watch this season if they bring Nicki back. She is disrepectful to everyone! Keep her OUT and I'll watch, bring her back, and I'm OUT.

    • How blind and ignorant can you be?? "She is disrepectful to everyone!" Are you serious!?! Please. Anyway, this story is not true. *shrugs*

    • Who the f*** does sue watson think she is… No one cares if u continue watching or NOT!!! And as for firing NICKI,who does that??? Who fires one of the TOP female artists of ALL TIME??? NICKI was too good for that stupid show to begin with… She doesn't need idols! Infact idols needs her!!! Nicki is better off without idols, killed her street cred anway!!

  2. Wow, glad it's not just me. I really was't going to be able to be watch. Could not be audience to nicki and all that stupid behavior.

  3. They are BOTH patheric.. and can't stand either one of them (Nikki and Mariah)….. I've watched the show since Kelly Clarkeson-faithfull every week!!! It's very saddening…it's the end of an era in our household.

  4. Ok ok people stop fighting please I mean come on do you even know what the fight is about. How about Team Mariah and Team Nicki just make up and have a funny happy show with horrible singers crazy people and all the other good stuff. They both being on the show makes it funny (With Simon It would be better) but com on really. Just stop fighting and make up

  5. Mariah is the one causing the problems. She's so nauseating. At least Nicki cares about the contestants. Mariah only cares about the ones that swoon over her. ~puke~

  6. LOL cool she wasn't right for that show ..Mariah is perfect and a inspiration to ppl looking to make it in the music buisness ..Nicki is a cocky immature woman who was just put on for ratings in the first place… horraayyy!!! good decision Idol I might start watching again.

  7. mariah is irrelevant in the industry right now, nicki deserves to be on the show because her career is actually in full swing at the moment, not like mariah who has been reduced to doing christmas albums and judging terrible talent quest shows, clinging to those last bits of fame because nobody cares about her anymore. nicki's above idol anyway.

  8. we cant all be the same on ideas. tge importance is to reach the same link or destination thus finding talents from the candidates. its stupid to disqualify someone who has a talent and better yet its stupid to please someone who hasnt.
    sorry but nicki should have stayed.lol

  9. we cant all be the same on ideas. the importance is to reach the same link or destination thus finding talents from the candidates. its stupid to disqualify someone who has a talent and better yet its stupid to please someone who hasnt.
    sorry but nicki should have stayed.lol

  10. Today, I will stop watching Idol
    First Mariah Caused all the Problems!!!
    Second Mariah Caused all the Problems
    and Third Nicki should stay

  11. Ya'll barbz are retarded. Nicki turned some girl down because she was wearing the same eye shadow. SHE IS SO RUDE. AND SHE'S CRAZY, she threatened Mariah with a gun, then when she got caught on camera, made it seem like a joke.

  12. I watch Idol during the first few shows each season for the comedy. My wife is one of the loyal viewers that watches every show of every season. After watching the new show with the new judges she made the comment that she was not going to watch this season. Keith Urban was fine and is a very talented guy , The two "Divas" ruined the show and let everyone see that it is all about them and their childish attitudes. You just lost a very loyal viewer with these two judges who shouldn't be there.

  13. Nicki is the one who made this show worth watching again because she's funny honest and she cares about the contestants . Mariah just thinks about herself . WITHOUT NICKI THIS SHOW WILL BE BORING AS F**K.

  14. Also, is that all nicki said to the girl with eye shadow??
    No.. Before Nicki even said anything about eye shadow she told the contestant that nothing jumped out at her and that theyve seen so much talent that day that it was really good enough.. and that she has to feel like a star.. after nicki gave her an honest opinion and a no, then she made a comment about her eyeshadow…not the other way around. Know what your talking about.

  15. I believe that Nicki Minaj should be removed from Idol! Don't get me wrong she has some good songs but she shouldn't be judging others on their singing ability. Mariah Carey should remain a judge cuz she been out since the 90's and knows the music industry and can give a lot of feedback to the contestants. And for all you haters on either side where in the world is your music career? Cuz yes you have your opinion but don't judge somebody unless you know you can do better! You can't top Mariah Carey's music career even if you tried! Point blank!

    • This show is based on people of lesser talent (the audience at home) judging people who are, for lack of a better word, talented (the contestants).
      Good thing this message board is Anonymous, because you just made yourself look retarded…

    • Wow stooping to name calling that's real mature. Grow up. And just an fyi I know idol watch it every once in a while I was just commenting to the Mariah and Nicki blow out! Next time make sure you understand before commenting. Cuz well in fact since you don't understand well never mind cuz I have no need to stoop to your immature level. Have a nice day!

    • Irrestible … I gave u a thumb up…
      But I must add she shouldnt judge any thing…
      Her voice is really annoying. And to b honest, my cock looks better then her face.
      No plastic surgeries may I add LoL 8==========>

  16. first of all, that clown is a joke. what does she know about Voices?? this is not a muppet show. fire the clown. shes just a trend. 4-5 years from now shes no one. no ones gon remember that lady gaga lil kim cheap imitation.

  17. First off Mariah Carey
    Is still in the industry, still making
    Music. And with all that she has accomplished
    she doesn't need to have another hit.
    Second, Mariah has a hit every year…
    "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
    Goes #1 every year since it was released
    17 years ago. Just this past Christmas
    it made a new peak position on
    Billboards Hot 100 Charts
    Mariah's Single "Triumphant"
    Went #1 on Billboards Dance Chart.
    Mariah Carey's 2013 Album
    is listed on the most anticipated albums.

  18. American idol .2013………..it's not about singer contestants….It's about battle of the JUDGES….and it sucks…I dont watch this show anymore…I love reading all the negative BLOGS of this show….interesting……..

  19. Have watched Idol since season 1 but. I"m ready to quit watching all because of this Nicki judge. She has ruined the show!!! She should be FIRED NOW! She brings NOTHING other than stupid outfits and comments and is more interested on how she looks in the mirror every 5 minutes. GET NICKI OUT!

  20. Hey i love nicki minaj am her biggest fan and she should stay in the show and every dumb rude person should love nicki for who she is she is funny, sweet and a loveing ,careing person.

    • OH PLEEZE ,she is a complete IDIOT,talks like she has mush in her mouth,is rude crude and uncuth.There are a lot more negative things about her but ,thats enough for now..She should never have been a Judge of anything, much less knowing if someone is talented. Wish she would just disappear forever…

  21. I agree, with your every word. I even wrote the fox network something similar to ur comment.
    I can't stand watching the show now. How can Someone that sounds like a squid getting squashed, b a judge of singers?!??
    When she sounds like she's talking from out of her nose is disgusting…
    I wish Mariah would've slapped her when she had the chance.

  22. Nicki is ugly weak and fake.
    She not even from south side like she says…
    She from Richmond hill, and she was ripping the Bronx for a lil while thinking that would get her sum lesbian street cred. LoL.
    I wish she would fall from a big building right on camera.
    If she did, u think her splatter would b colorful?? LoL

  23. If nicki minaj jumped off a big building, will her splatter be colorful??!?
    I don't think she has enough silicone in her body to break that fall. LoL

  24. who's the Sicky who hired Nicki?
    There's no denying Idol is dying
    On its last legs; Nicki's the dregs
    Her only renown — One stupid clown
    She's got no quality
    Just me-Me vanity
    Sorry to say
    Idols going away

  25. This is idols worst year because of Nikki Minaj. Mirah and Keith were the perfect replacement judges. Both are upscale performers with talent. Adding ghetto Nikki Minaj has taken the show down a notch and ruined a perfect panel of judges. Get rid of her !

  26. I am extremely inspired along with your writing skills as smartly as with the format for your blog. Is this a paid subject matter or did you customize it your self? Either way stay up the excellent quality writing, it's uncommon to see a nice blog like this one today..

  27. We have been avid American Idol since the first season and have liked or even loved every judge on the show. Until now. We actually mute her comments now. She is totally inappropriate, unintelligent and offers nothing of value to the contestants. She speaks to them like they're kindergardeners and has the most annoying nasal voice I've ever heard! Please VOTE HER OFF and maintain the integrity of one of America's most respectable and highly rated shows.

  28. "the only reliabe news" LMAO fail cause shes still on the show right now and may even be returning to season 13 HA.

  29. That shouldn't be a problem. In fact, it would even help bring the focus back to where it should be – finding the next potential star who'll soon be singing at some of the most historic venues around.

  30. I have always watched American Idol but this year is not interesting to watch. Nicki and Mariah have ruined everything! Nicki is ridiculous. She's not there to help contestants, she's just there to try and make a name for herself as not too many people knew who she was. Mariah is just there to show off and touch her hair. Now i tape it and fast forward their comments. It is not enjoyable anymore.
    If they are back next year I will not watch it and a lot of people
    have stopped watching it. GET THEM OUT!!!!!

  31. Do we seriously have to finish the season with her? She is horrible! She is nasty to everyone, trying to prove why she is so amazing I'd guess – she is a no talent, tasteless idiot – why oh why was she hired in the first place?

  32. Its such as you learn my thoughts! You seem to grasp so much approximately this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you simply could do with a few % to drive the message home a little bit, however other than that, that is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I'll certainly be back.

  33. I am just sick of the negative comments this year on american idol! I have watched every year and i think this will be the last! The worst judges, where did they dig these people up! They have done nothing but dog these kids since the start. It is no secret who they want to win. Thank goodness it is not their choice. They need to take a look at the voice, good humor, just an all around great show! Sorry American Idol you have just dropped to the lowest!!!!!!

  34. NIKI and That other bafat balloon titted airhead should not be on American idol. I laugh my head off because Niki looks like an ALBINO with DOWN SYNDROME Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  35. It's unbelievable anyone has elevated this pathetic excuse for a woman/judge/human to the level where she actually has a following and has had any degree of success from whatever she did before she poisoned AI fully and completely. What a stupid-looking, babbling nitwit with that ridiculous speech, hair, moronic comments, nastiness, etc. . . . Want to know what I really think of her? haha. What a sad day for American "talent" shows – let AI die a shame death and pray Nicki Minaj oozes back into the swamp from whence she emerged.

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  37. Well, the only reason why the folks at AI put Mariah Carey and Minaj together is because they hoped the controversy would generate larger audiences. AI has ran its course and it is either time to revamp the show entirely or just let it ride off into the sunset.

  38. Exactly why don't Nicki Minaj accomplish with Us Idol?
    Question exactly why Nicki don't accomplish at all for the entire time of year associated with Us Idol? All of those other all judges did one thing. Keith Elegant sang numerous tunes. Randy Knutson competed acoustic guitar many times. Possibly Miriah Carey sang. Nicki merely lay right now there carrying out only judging the entire time of year. I know she raps why don't she no less than perform rap music? She seemed to be paid out sums of money. You should imagine that would likely need she accomplish at least once. We have feelings it has one thing regarding the girl power to sing out effectively.


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