Chris Christie has left the GOP for good.  He reportedly announced that he is now a Democrat.
Chris Christie completed his transformation from Republican to Democrat yesterday and by doing so, took a step closer to running for President as a Democrat in 2016, a possibility that has been openly speculated on by political observers for months.  Of course, Christie will first run – as a Democrat – for re-election as Governor in 2013.


If Christie runs, he’d have a good shot at winning the Democratic nomination because of the groundwork that he’s laid during the 2012 campaign and because Barack Obama (and Bruce Springsteen) both are big fans of the New Jersey governor.
Christie met with Newark Mayor, Cory Booker (a Democrat) and together they want to be Democratic leaders that will help restore New Jersey to greatness.


“Christie is best friends with Booker and they made a deal.  Booker would run for Senate and not challenge Christie for Governor.  In exchange, Christie told Booker he would renounce the GOP,” said a New Jersey political insider.
In his first act as a Democrat, Christie blasted Speaker of the House John Boehner and the GOP for a delaying a vote on a $60 billion aid package for Superstorm Sandy recovery.
“Do your job and come through for the people of this country,” Christie pointedly said about Boehner.
Under pressure, Boehner will schedule a vote Friday to fund $9 billion for the national flood insurance program. A vote on the remaining $51 billion will take place Jan. 15.
Even before word of the rescheduled votes came out, Christie said he could no longer trust such assurances.
“There is no reason for me at the moment to believe anything they tell me because they’ve been telling me stuff for weeks and they haven’t delivered,” Christie said.  “Republicans are liars.  I’m so glad I’m a Democrat now.”
President Obama was happy to learn of Chris Christie’s conversion.  “It’s another feather in his cap,” said a White House spokesperson.

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  1. First of all congress has to approve funds and the president can't do that , and since the house is dominated by republicans the chance of that happening is none


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