Men are going extinct and scientists have now put them on the “endangered species” list.
Professor Jenna Goodman even claims the male of the species is heading for extinction by the end of this century.


Professor Goodman, one of  England’s most influential scientists, believes that women will win the battle of the sexes – and men will be permanently vanquished.
She says that the inherent fragility of the male sex chromosome, the Y sex chromosome, means that men will no longer be able to survive in the genetic pool.


The female, or X, chromosome, contains a healthy 1,000 or so genes.  And girls and women have two of them. The Y chromosome started off with as many genes as its female counterpart.  But over hundreds of millions of years it has crumbled away, leaving fewer than 100 genes in modern man.
This includes the SRY gene, the ‘male master switch’ that determines whether an embryo is male or female.

What is more, while women have two X chromosomes, men have just one, dying Y.


Lacking a mate, the Y chromosome finds it more difficult to patch up mistakes and so decays away.

Professor Goodman, of Cambrige University, said: ‘The X chromosome is all alone in the male but in the female it has a friend, so it can swop bits and repair itself.  The Y is going to get hit in the next twenty years and then… it’ll be all over.”
The Professor said the Y Chromosome has turned to “junk.”


Scientists say that women will still be able to have babies from artificial sperm and some speculate that the world will be a more peaceful and joyful place.

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