ORLANDO – The Saga of Tiger and Elin gets weirder.   Years after the “incident”,  they are slowly getting back together.
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s marriage has had many twists and turns.  But even their divorce attorneys were shocked to learn that they were recently spotted kissing while out in their Orlando neighborhood.
There are rumors that Elin has agreed to move back in with her cheating husband.  And the reconciled spouses are not being bashful about showing their love for one another.
An eyewitness, Janet Thompon, told reporters, “They were hugging and they were kissing right out in the open. Elin is certainly a lot more relaxed these days and so is he.”
Another inside source added “People in the neighborhood are getting used to seeing them together again. Perhaps they’ll make it after all.”

Photo taken May 14, 2012

A little Tiger-Elin history.
Elin and Tiger met in 2001 at the British Open at Royal Lytham in England. Elin was working as an au pair to Jesper Parnevik, a Swedish golfer. On November 25, 2003, Tiger (27) proposed to Elin (23) in the South African Shamwari Game Reserve while they were on a romantic walk at sunset. They were there for a safari vacation and slept under the stars after the Presidents Cup.
On October 5, 2004 they were married. The ceremony itself was simple although the rest of the wedding preparations were elaborate and expensive. 500 red roses were imported for the wedding.
Their sunset wedding was held under a white-netted pagoda decorated with red roses on the 19th hole of the Sandy Lane Golf Resort in Barbados. Reportedly, Rev. Ricky Kirton was the officiant at their wedding. The exclusive resort is located on the west coast of the Caribbean locale. The wedding reportedly cost between $1.5 million — $2 million.

November 27 , 2009. Woods suffers facial lacerations in a car crash outside his Florida home after colliding with a fire hydrant and a tree.November 29 . Woods issues statement taking full blame for crash, lashes out at rumors of domestic disturbance. “I’m human and I’m not perfect. Many false and malicious rumors circulating about my family and me are irresponsible.”December  2-20.   A number of women come forward with claims of flings with Woods, including a porn star and a waitress. At least 10 women allegedly linked to Woods.

February1 19, 2010. Woods makes first appearance since the scandal broke, apologizing for “selfish and irresponsible” behavior in a statement televised around the world.
On August 23, 2010 Tiger and Elin are officially divorced. 
They have two children:   Sam Alexis Woods: Born 2007 and  Charlie Axel Woods: Born 2009.
Maybe he realized he’s not going to do much better than the beautiful Elin:

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64 thoughts on “TIGER BACK WITH ELIN”

  1. Why she would want to let that disease ridden thing in her body again is beyond me. She's got the money now she should get a decent man, but only after getting tested for every STD.

  2. I believe she truly loved him…and I think he loved her. If he is getting free from the awful thing that had such a strong grip on him, and she can heal….I would like to see them back together.


  4. Better not SHE go back with him..It might HE gets HIV from all the girls he's having sex with. Also he is not gonna get better. He's gonna cheated her more and no respect for HER. He is the worse husband and the father…He don't deserve Elin, the beautiful wife and devoted mother for their children..

  5. Really hard to forget the pain he inflicted..respect is earned, so how will she move on with Tiger back in her life?
    Sad any marriage breaks up but it's easier to be alone than married and worried. Only God can give them the strength to move on together, but certainly not alone.
    Lets wish them both the best no matter what decisions they take.

  6. I believe Tiger loves Elin. I mean I believe it as much as I believe he is the same player he used to be. There is no way this is happening anytime soon.
    I think he just saw that picture of her again.

    • Nobody can judge when it comes to a relationship that is not theirs.
      Forgiveness is a virtue, and love can conquer everything. I wish them the best.

    • Amy, actually Tiger's FATHER called him "Tiger" first. Tiger did not give himself that name.
      I am happy for Tiger and Elin and sincerely hope they have a long, happy marriage. They clearly love one another and they have two very young children. I hope Elin and Tiger have more beautiful children!

  7. This is great news !!
    Of course, she needs to protect her investment in him.
    Things are now out in the open they can move on.
    He will require a beating and perhaps a clubbing from her once in
    a while but it's all necessary.
    He tried beating himself up with foolish apologies for sponsors,
    blubbering about family, that wasn't satisfying enough.
    For Tiger to get his game and mojo he needs a real good fiesty woman,
    then others to have flings with. Ugly and mean is no problem, all the better.
    He is very much like Sampson.
    When she cut his hair off, Sampson became weak.
    Make Tiger live under Puritan law and his game is over. It just ain't natural.
    Now golf will have a star, while men everywhere stand back in awe.

  8. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  9. Gail wrote, " really hard to forget the pain he inflicted." Well, if Elin is willing to forgive and forget than we shouldn't judge Tiger. I hope they make it and remarry.

  10. He is gross! Tiger is a fitting name because he acts like a real animal. He admits to hundreds of flings. Most of the women say that Tiger insisted on not wearing a condom. He probably unwittingly brought home who know what diseases to inflict on his innocent wife.

  11. It is almost a mathematical certainty that Tiger would have contracted at least one sexually transmitted disease having admitted to not using a condom any of those hundreds of women he admits to sleeping with.

  12. I like Elin and Tiger,
    I believe famlies need to work out problems and stick together. They and their children deed to be together. They need to forgive, and learn from their mistakes and move on to happy life together. Marriage is love, committment, work, struggles, romance, fun, laughter, tears and joy. The order of thes words change, but the focus is always the committment to each other and the children. BEST WISHES, YOU CAN MAKE IT!!! Blessings, Marg'

  13. Tiger is the best golfer ever to me and has always had my trust along with all others in the world of golf. If Tiger and Elin do get back together, then it's their choice. I just want to say this, "Tiger it's your life, nobody but you should make your decisions. Your my idol and my god, I believe and trust in you Tiger I always will."

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  16. Sorry to say but I think you've been suckered. While I think its possible that they reconcile in the future there's no evidence that its occurred. The attempted reconciliation they mention and the associated comments happened in 2009-10 but it failed. The article doesn't mention dates except for one 2012 picture which is probably a custody transfer. The cover picture is from much earlier when they were "happily" married. I think reconciliation is a possibility because there is also no suggestion of either having any intimate relationships; but if they had gotten back together we would have heard it elsewhere as well.

  17. I have always believed that Tiger Woods and his ex- wife would get back together. I believe that they both still love each other. I know that it the right thing for both of them and for their children. I also believe that they will remarry and have more children – 3 more kids. I wish them all the best. I love both of them and especially the kids. Way back when I believed and told people that President Obama was going to be reelected. I had written and told my family that Tiger and Elin would get back with each other. God bless their reunion and soon to be re marriage.

  18. Since he admitted he didn't use condoms most of the time and has been with an admitted 200+ women, Elin would be the dumbest person ever to take back this disease carrying philanderer. I'm glad she got such a nice settlement. She will find a husband who will be a much better role model than that sicko perverted creep Tiger.

    • I totally agree!!! I think that Tiger has wanted Elin back from day one. Eli will never trust Tiger again after the horrid ordeal and world wide humilliation he undeservely inflicted on her and the children!!!

    • Am with u Celia. What a CREEP. If Elin takes him back than she will loose all respect from many people that were feeling sorry for her. he is not fit to be husband or a father after what he did and he would do it again

  19. Dr. Bob: "It is almost a mathematical certainty that Tiger would have contracted at least one sexually transmitted disease having admitted to not using a condom any of those hundreds of women he admits to sleeping with."
    You're probably right but I've slept with between 100-150 women without condoms and I never got anything, not once. I'm not advocating sleeping around but I think the std problem is not as widespread as everyone makes it out to be. Like shouldn't herpes have gotten to half the people yet? I remember 15 years ago they were saying that one in four people had it. I'd say the average number of partners of sexually active 18 to 45 year olds is probably about 8. It would be more in certain areas if u broke it down demographically. Meaning most everyone should have something. And they don't. I suppose its not impossible that I could the luckiest dude ever and be wrong tho.

  20. Mate, I totally surprised to read the first line here "Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s marriage has had many twists and turns.". Haha, very impressive and interesting content as always!!!

  21. This is good entertainment but how could a woman take back a man that had such a dark other side that included being with so many other women. If it were true, it would be the dumbest thing i have ever seen. I would like to think that she has much better class then that. Just saying…Como perder barriga


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