President Obama made good on his promise to reach across the aisle and appointed Mitt Romney as the new Secretary of Treasury.

In a ceremony at the White House this morning, President Obama replaced Tim Geithner as Secretary of Treasury.  Geithner was already rumored to be stepping down.  Sources say Geithner wanted to go back to Wall Street, make his a billion dollars trading on his “insider” secrets and then retiring to New Zealand.

President Obama reportedly told the White House Press Corps that Romney was “probably the best man in the country to turn our economy around.”  The President said that Romney’s expertise and business experience make him the perfect man to “lead us to prosperity.”

Romney was quick to accept the postion and quickly announced that he has now switched parties.  “I am a Democrat now.  The first thing I will do as Secretary of Treasury is to make sure Obamacare is implemented – immediately.  I also will help to ensure that all women have free birth control, free mammograms and free antidepressants, if they want them.”
Reporters asked if Paul Ryan would also be joining the President’s cabinet.  The President said that Ryan would be staying in Congress.  “Mitt and I are going to need someone to blame for the budget over the next four years, and Paul Ryan is the perfect person to blame going forward.  We will keep him in that position.”
Sources tell WWN that when Chris Christie learned that Mitt Romney was picked for Obama’s new cabinet, he burst into tears, “I thought I was his bestie!”
Joe Biden approved of President Obama’s choice.   “Mitt has a hot wife.  Of course, I approve,” Biden reportedly said.

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