Big Bird, who was scheduled to be executed by Mitt Romney, was given a new lease on life with a win by Barack Obama!
In the first Presidential debate Mitt Romney said he would cut funding for PBS and that he would personally kill Big Bird.
But now that Mitt Romney has lost to Barack Obama…
Big Bird lives!

The famed Sesame Street character was in Chicago on election eve to watch the results come in.  When Ohio went for Obama, Big Bird got up and bird-hugged the President and then danced for over twenty minutes with Michelle Obama.
Big Bird told WWN that he had no hard feelings for Mitt Romney, but “if I see him in an alley, he better watch out!”   The Cookie Monster was also salivating at the idea of Mitt Romney stepping onto Sesame Street.  “We’ll be waiting for him.”

FYI: Big Bird was born in 1969, the same year that Mr. Rogers stepped into his neighborhood.
There’s a BIG party on Sesame Street today!

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