Late last night, after winning the election, Joe Biden conceded to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

After President Obama gave his victory speech, a confused Joe Biden went back to his hotel and made his concession speech.
“I want to congratulate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on their victory tonight.  I will back them fully when they take office in January,” Biden reportedly said.
“I left everything on the field, I gave it my all, and the President and I are bummed, of course, but we have to move on together.  It’s the best thing for our great country,” the Vice President reportedly said.
“I had hoped I would be able to travel around in Air Force Two for another four years, but I guess I’ll just make do with Amtrak.”
Last night, Biden was in tears when he gave Barack a “final Presidential hug.”

Biden was later told by his staffers that he won the election, but Biden didn’t believe them.  “Come on, guys, that’s not how we behave.  We lost fair and square and we need to get behind President Romney.  And I need another drink!”
Barack Obama is reportedly spending the morning trying to convince Joe Biden that he is still the Vice President.  “I think the President is in denial,” Biden reportedly told his staffers.  “Somebody needs to talk to Barack.”

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