According to Nasari Buwani (Dr.  Downer)  and the prophecy of Edgar Cayce,  Wall Street will have a major crash in December of this year.

Nasari Buwani, professor of economics at Columbia University and chairman of Buwani Global Economics, has reportedly said that the stock market will be in for a major shock by December 18th of this year.

Buwani reportedly feels that the alarming economic downturn will cause “the global financial system to implode,” according to a source close to a Wall Street executive.
What is most shocking is the Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet” predicted back in 1940 that there would be major stock market crash in December of 2012.

For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict the future.

Roubini reportedly has been a longtime follower of Cayce and agrees with him that the stock market will crash in December.  Cayce predicted that the crash would not just be in the U.S. – all major markets in the world will crash.
Edgar Cayce reportedly predicted that the crash in December will begin 10 years of further economic downturn throughout the world and then… the next fifty years will be the most prosperous and happiest of any time in the history of mankind.
So, if we can just make it through the next 10 years, we’ll be good.

Many on Wall Street aren’t buying the predictions of Roubini and Cayce, but there are a lot of money managers already putting in sell orders for early December.
What will you do?  Do you believe Dr. Downer and The Sleeping Prophet?

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    • That is VERY interesting Big Bob! Looking at various "other" charts that predict a major downturn in markets; Sept. was supposed to start the big downturn, but apparently bernanke just keeps giving the markets a few shots of cocaine. Markets are riding on hot air it seems. Any more key info you have? My email: cleanartist75@yahoo.com

  1. Edgar Cayce predicted that 1933 would be a good year (On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of a coalition government in Germany), that an earthquake would cause California to slide into the sea sometime during the 1960's, that the lost city of Atlantis would rise again in 1968 or 1969, China would be completely converted to Christianity by 1968, and Armageddon would come in 1999. Ed was a reliable fellow…

    • I have to agree. The sheeple are blind and stupid. Nevertheless, tanking the capitalistic economic system is exactly what Obama wants. Without doing so, Obama cannot usher in his fundamental transformation of Amerika into his communist utopia.

  2. Ow come on, nothing is going to happen! I just voted for OBAMA! He'll take care of everything 🙂 Everything is in good hands. A stock market crash in december? impossible! (just kidding here) … tssssssk.

  3. What a crock.
    Jennie Taylor Martin: Kevin, we’re asked this question all the time here at A.R.E. What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?
    Kevin Todeschi: Well, the bottom line is, the numbers 2012 are not in the Edgar Cayce readings. What Edgar Cayce did talk about is the change of an age, or the New Age, the Aquarian Age. He gave quite a bit of information on what this New Age will be about, what this transitional period is all about, and what we can expect.

  4. Any prophecy, no matter real or false, may serve as an alert for people that may avoid it.
    Future is plastic and moldable by our decisions and by nature "decisions". We can't control nature decisions as much as we can control ours.
    Also, predictions work with timelines and timelines differ across many dimensions. So many predictions for a date in a timeline may occur in another date in another timeline, or not occur at all. One can't control the past, but the future is always changing.
    Read II Corinthians 12 to 14 and find out what prophecies are for and try to understand every one of the gifts with recent theories of physics and you will find your answers.


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