Queen Elizabeth has demoted Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.  Kate now has to curtsey to the “blood princesses” and to her husband.

Queen Elizabeth laid down some new rules for the Royal household.   The Queen updated the Order of Precedence of the Royal Household: “The new rules of Court make it clear that the former Kate Middleton, when she is not accompanied by Prince William, must curtsey to the ‘blood princesses’, the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and the daughters of the Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.”

Kate was also ordered by Queen Elizabeth to curtsey to her husband, Prince William, ever time she walks into a room  that he is in.  However, if they walk in together or if she is there first, she does not have to curtsey to her husband.

And finally, Queen Elizabeth ordered Kate to perform a double-curtsey every time she is in front of the Queen.


Royal insiders say that Kate is not happy with the new rules.  “Why should she curtsey to the Beatrice?  It’s absurd,” said a friend close to Pippa Middleton.

Pippa, by the way, was ordered to curtsey to her sister every time she is in a royal residence.

President Obama chimed in on the curtsey news.  “Hey, if I’m in England, I’ll curtsey for the Queen myself.  Why not?”  He reportedly said.

“Why retain this fussy-sounding practice, with its great potential for embarrassment? Because it’s thought our modern, constitutional monarchy might wither away, or collapse into anarchy, if there was no bowing, curtseying and Order of Precedence,” wrote Peter McKay in The Daily Mail.”

Back in 2008, Zara Phillips (now Tindall) revealed she was always careful to curtsey to her grandmother even in private. And the daughter of Princess Anne complained that the art of the curtsey had disappeared: “There aren’t many people who know how it’s done. I know because I have grown up with it,” she said, reported The Telegraph.

Prince William didn’t know how to curtsey, so Kate had to show him:

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23 thoughts on “KATE MIDDLETON DEMOTED!”

  1. The idea that the beautiful Kate would have to curtsy to the unattractive Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie is repugnant to all moral people. The Queen is completely to blame for this latest royal fiasco.

    • Sure. Because pretty people always have the moral high ground. Its petty, but its within her rights. Also, Kate won't ever be queen. She'll be queen consort, a situation comparable to that of Michelle Obama for instance.

  2. Well maybe she can just bite her lip..one day she will be Queen and everyone will curtsy to her…BUT curtsy to her husband…that is ridiculous, humliating and I will bet William will never put her in that position. He will always be with her.

  3. The Queen is the person who comes out looking petty here. If anything, she ought to kiss the ground that Kate walks on because commoner or not, she is the only one of the brood that adds any drop of elegance to her for the most part rather Horsey, Hanover new relatives.

    The days of the curtsey ought to end now. If the Queen is so insecure that she and her royal blood relatives require this sort of subservience, the monarchy just won't last.


  4. I totally agree! Kate should not have to curtsey before her royal cousins! And definitely, not curtsey to Prince William.

    How humiliating.

    But……… if I were Kate, let's get on with what they want.

    Go for it, Kate. Show them the stuff you are made of …………….. manners befitting a future Queen!
    You will come out of it STRONG ……… and you will be the BEST of the BEST!

    Go for it! Show them you are not as petty as them! You are a TRUE royal in the making!

    God Bless both you and your Prince!

    • I agree Princess Kate is far more mature and lovely than any of the others, they just want to hold her down, like they tried to do with Princess Dianna. You are far better than them give them what they want and forget them. You are a truely lovely Lady and deserve much bettter from the Queen.

      God Bless and tell ;your husband to get a pair and stand up for you.

    • She also will be Queen Consort Catherine, not Katherine. She was married on St. Catherine's Day and that was no accident , either, but carefully planned with the Church of England having a say. Frankly, I don't see how anything about English titles has anything to do with Michelle Obama. .

  5. I learned how in 1953, for my uncle's wedding. I thought it was a wonderful thing for a little girl to do then, and I still do. If you are in a society with a Queen, it is a wonderful practice. BUT it is to be done with a SKIRT! MEN don't curtsey. The president has no manners lessons when it comes to this. He is president; Presidents DO NOT curtsey OR bow! they are the leader of the biggest country in the world. Only to Pope would be their equal.

  6. Katherine Middleton is workingclass not Jacquelins Bouvier.Katherine Middleton was never a term of faux princess or princess to incurr.She is workingclass Her value before marriage is nothing compared to virgin monarchy hier Lady Diana Spencer TO PRINCE CHARLES.WHICH MADE WILLIAM A PURE ROYAL.KATE IS NOTHING TO GIVE THE CROWN IN BLOOD OR WORTH….SHE IS KATHERINE MIDDLETON CONSUTTY.nOT WINDSOR OR MOUNTBECCAN TO RETAIN A HIER TO THE THRONE….

  7. Workingclass is Katherine ,she should bow and cursty…It's not like Katherine was a born Countess or Baroness…It's not like Katherine's parents were monarchy born…Katherine is workingclass nothing more..Eager skeemer to achieve the hopeful pleasement of maybe "a princess oneday",nothing more but praises from her dream world. Never the reality to bear the fruit. Thus her constant topless stuper to workingclass success. Nothing more than evil class….Why doesn't she see God's hand.. Not showering her with greatness of prominaces and power .For she was someone esles daughter a workingclass….SHE IS NOT THE GREAT FUTURE MEANT TO BE ONLY AN ILLUSSION… She is SOUR FUTURE,by HER HAND ….. CREATED SUCH awful man of rudeness"(written by SOMEONE'S LITERRY THOUGHTS ON A NOTHING PERSON)….No Kate won't be a future royal POWER.KATHERINE PURPOSE WAS OR IS NOTHING IN THE REALM OF ROYALTY. Totally agree with this person's slight poem or article)


    • You madame clearly have a distinct lack of grace and have very little in the way of manners, I should think that it would be a travesty for you to belong to the known class system at all. Instead one would suggest that you your manners, behaviour and grammar/literacy skills are severely lacking and suggest you are part of that mythical underclass as described by Murray and Phillips.

    • I had no idea "cl***" was a bad word that needed to be censored. Please pardon me for this, I have a family that uses language quite liberally, and I rarely get to meet people from the outside world. Could you please explain this to me? Also, though I do not like to debate over the internet, and I do not find the current Duchess of Cambridge to be my favourite royal consort, I hardly think being born into a family that works for a living makes one ugly or a bad person. Of course, *you* must be a countess by birth.

    • Really quite sorry about the last sentence. It was childish and spiteful. However, I still think you are being a tad cruel to the Duchess of Cambridge, dear. By the way, my name might be deceiving. I am simply using my Christian name, and I am not Kate Middleton, nor do I want to be. I simply find it a bit insulting, as a member of the non-royals, to hear such insults hurled at a member of my own set.

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