Mad Men’s Jon Hamm was robbed during a recent trip to London – they took his purse and his talent!

Hamm was with his girlfriend,  Jennifer Westfeldt, in London.  They were promoting their new movie Friends With Kids and decided to take a break at a London cafe.  That’s when Hamm’s handbag was snatched from their table.  Authorities thought at first it was Westfeldt’s bag, but Hamm confirmed that it was his, “I always carry a purse wherever I go,” Hamm reportedly told Scotland Yard.

The couple later returned to their hotel room to find that it had  been ransacked.   Hamm’s make-up kit and his botox-kit were also stolen, along with a pair of diamond earrings.  Westfeldt lost two pair of Spanx and her iPad.

The next day, Hamm was at a shoot for a commercial and tragedy struck again – Hamm couldn’t act to save his life.  “Apparently, the thieves got away with his talent as well,” said Ian Stams, a London police officer.

Thieves also stole Hamm’s beard:

Kissing Jessica Stein actress Westfeldt later apparently confirmed the incident.  “What a mess. Jon has absolutely no talent left at all.  He couldn’t even smile with a can of corn.  It was horrible.”

Scotland Yard is involved and is actively looking for his purse and talent.   Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, told WWN that Bieber’s talent was stolen in London last month and “it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get it back.”

Hamm and Westfeldt have since returned to their home in Los Angeles following the incident.  In a recent interview, Hamm said that despite being together for 15 years, the pair have no plans to get married.  And now that he has no talent – Westerfeldt is looking for an exit strategy.

If you’ve seen Hamm’s talent or purse anywhere, please contact WWN!

Jen’s parents’ marriage ended when she was very young, my parents’ marriage was over by the time I was two.’

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