The bromance between George Clooney and President Obama is heating up!
Rumors have been flying around that President Obama has been jetting off to Los Angeles every chance he gets to spend time with his new “advisor” George Clooney.
Sources tell WWN that Clooney even had a hand carved statue of the two , flown in from Florence, Italy to his home in Studio City, California.

The President has spared no expense in the security detail surrounding the “Elite” couple but our spies managed to get a few “private” moments, before an overly eager photographer was “dealt with” by White House Security.
From jealously bragging about how handsome the actor is to their basketball exploits and even to their equal portrayal by famed artist Shepard Fairey, the president’s love for his favorite actor was on stage as he wrapped his first “official” week on the campaign trail.

A White House spokesman has told WWN in confidence that “it is no coincidence the President announced his support for Gay Marriage right before the first Clooney fundraiser. “There’s as  an office pool at the White House, betting on when Clooney and the President will conjoin in Holy Matrimony,” said an unnamed spokesman.

Michelle Obama approves of her husband’s bromance and has bonded with Clooney herself:

Vice President, Joe Biden was seen packing up his things at the Naval Observatory, as ” I just cannot compete with Clooney for Barack’s attention.”   Insiders say George will replace Joe on t the ticket.

The Obama/Clooney ticket will be announced officially sometime in August, right before the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.
WWN will bring you up to the minute news about the new Presidential Duo.

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  1. There's always some gay people trying to get celebrities to "come out of the closet." I bet they do that to justify being gay. ;-P

  2. Don't think George Clooney quite knows what hes getting into here, hanging around with high end politicians is bound to lead you to bohemian grove sooner or later, if he's not careful he might find himself worshiping a 50 foot tall burning wooden owl while Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger pretend to sacrifice a manikin nearby. . . I wish I was joking but I'm not.


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