Tarantulas have been invading India and attacking thousands of citizens!
Indians are fearing for their lives as almost a million tarantulas have invaded the country and are crawling into small towns and cities.
An army of eight-legged freaks, killer spiders some say, have been spotted in many towns across the entire country.

In one incident on May 8, residents of  Chaulkhowa Nagaon village saw swarms of spiders suddenly descended from nowhere and started biting the people.  Villagers ran for their lives, but unfortunately 57 didn’t make it.  Bitten. Luckily doctors were able to save about 20 victims.
But the panic remains in the village and some residents have become Tarantula Hunters – seeking out the deadly critters.
Here are the Tarantula Hunters preparing for battle:

One victim, Joyti Aggarwala,  showed her blackened, swollen finger to WWN.  She was no longer in excruciating pain, but her finger will take a long time to heal.  She is grateful to be alive.
Thousands of people with spider bites are in hospitals across India.  Authorities are trying to decide the best way to combat the tarantula attack.  Government leaders what every city to set off anti-tarantula fog bombs, laced with DDT to kill the arachnids.
Most people die because they have severe allergic reactions to the tarantula venom. You can be saved if you get your hands on antivenin, which counters the effects of the tarantula venom.
Most hospital are ill-equipped to handle the tarantula crises due to manpower crunch, erratic power supply and equipment shortage.

One thing that is unexplained is why the tarantulas have decided to attack in swarms.  Swarms of spiders are rare, although they have been reported, usually after flooding when the spiders search for dry and higher ground.
But there has been no flooding in most of India… so what is causing this?

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  1. Thats weird. I hate spiders. There is obviously something you di beforhand or currently to set them off or maby they know something in the future thats going to happen that we don't. You need more scientists.Good luck solving your insect invasion.

  2. I thought tarantulas didn't have a poisonous bite. Anyway, they can't kill them because their religion says that their loved ones that passed away would be reincarnated. Same reason they have cows wandering around in the street. These tarantulas might be reincarnate people, possibly ticked off about something that was done in India when they were alive.

    • That's heights of ignorance shown from your end. But what else can you expect from a populace that lives on junk food.

    • Okay, I looked up tarantulas on the net, and found out they do have venom, but their bite is no worse than a bee sting. I still think that reincarnation is all over India.

    • I am less ignorant than you, thats why. You sound like a know it all but your total disrespect towards another country's culture and sensitivities shows the kind of ignorance the prehistoric man had.

  3. Less Ignorant because that is in comparison with you. You sound like a know it all yet your comments show how ignorant and disrespectful you are towards the culture and sentiments of another country, that is heights of ignorance.

    • In your first reply to me you misspelled the word ignorant in your "Name." You jumped all over me for being wrong about the article, instead of politely explaining what I misunderstood. That, cupcake, is ignorance.

  4. This picture of the t is a gramastola rosea that is only found in Chile. Also tarantulas are not like ants and swarm everywere tarantulas are know to be aggressive to its own kind so this artical is so fake its funny.


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