Sports Illustrated Model, Kate Upton, is reportedly engaged to Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez.
Sports Illustrated covergirl s all the rage this week after the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue mega-unveiling, so naturally, her love life is in focus.

Today, Ellen DeGeneres pressed Kate  about her relationship with Mark Sanchez. The talk show host got straight to the point by asking stating, “Your boyfriend, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. How does he feel about this?”
“I did not have a Valentine’s date this year,” Kate Upton, 19, responded. Ellen was unfazed by that seemingly implausible, evasive response, continuing:
“OK, so he was busy … So how does your boyfriend Mark Sanchez feel about all this whole Sports Illustrated cover thing? He must be proud, right?”
“Well, even if I had a boyfriend. I wouldn’t ask how he felt about it,” Kate said, persistently dodging Ellen’s questions. But again, it didn’t end there.
BUT, WWN has learned from sources close to Upton and sources close to Mark Sanchez’s old USC teammates that on Valentine’s Day, Sanchez popped the question.  “He asked her to marry him and she said yes,” said a source close to Sanchez.

So why is she keeping it all a secret?
“She’s the covergirl on SI!  She’s every guy’s fantasy right now and it would really ruin the fantasy to know that she’s with Mark Sanchez AND she’s getting married.  That’s a bummer for most guys, so she’s not admitting anything.”
Upton’s sister has worked for the Jets for four years.  That’s how she met Sanchez.  They plan to marry in the summer right before the start of another NFL season.
Here’s a little taste of the future Mrs. Mark Sanchez:



  1. When i searched for articles w/ Kate Upton in it, I figured 1 of them would be that she is a spy or an alien or something because she looks to good to be an American.


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