FOXBOROUGH, MA –  Quarterback Tom Brady will play his heart out for the Patriots, but he is on God’s side and wants Tebow to win.

Tom Brady spoke exclusively to WWN tonight.  He has been preparing for the big playoff game against the Denver Broncos tonight, but is torn about who he wants to win the game.

“Of course, I want the Patriots to win, but there are more important things than football and Tim Tebow represents more than just the game.  I am Christian as well and as a Christian, I am praying for Tim Tebow to win and prove to the world the power of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Brady said that he will be attending a prayer circle with Tebow and a number of Broncos (and Patriot) players before the game.  The players will be praying for a safe, spirited game and… a Broncos win.

Brady told WWN, “I’ve had my time in the sun.  It’s Tebow’s time.  He’s a great player, a great quarterback and a great Christian.  He deserves a victory… But, we’ll make a game of it.”  Brady winked at WWN staff as he said this.

Many of the Patriots players – and coach Bill Belicheck – are upset with Brady’s actions.  “He’s completely lost it,” sad Chad Ochocinco.   “I was like, ‘Is Tom OK?’ You know, he’s intense, but this was like a whole new thing, man. I think he’s trying to get in good with God or something.  It’s bullsh*t.”

Tebow had no comment, but when asked about Brady the lights flicked in the room and the air smelled like honeysuckle rose.  Some reporters heard Gregorian chants in the distance.

Will Tom lead the Patriots to victory?  Hmmm….

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