George Clooney went  in for yet another surgery to repair his elbow. But this time doctors were forced to amputate his arm.

George Clooney was on an extensive press tour for his new film, “The Descendants,” and was having persistent problems with his right elbow.  He had to have surgery (for the second time) on the Friday before he attended the Baltimore Ravens-Cincinnati Bengals game with girlfriend Stacy Keibler.

Former Baltimore Ravens player Jonathan Ogden was lucky enough to snap a pic with Clooney who was sporting an interesting accessory on his right arm that day.

But a day later, George was in excruciating pain and had to return to the hospital again.  This time, there were some complications in the operating room and the doctors were forced to amputate his right arm at the elbow.

“We tried to save the forearm, but we were unable to do so,” said Dr. William Bates of Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angles, one of the top elbow surgeons in the world.

George’s recently revealed he considered killing himself six years ago when he injured his spine while filming spy thriller ‘Syriana’ in 2005.  “He was in even great pain with his elbow,” said a source close to Dr. Bates.

How did Clooney injure his elbow?

It’s still a mystery and a well-guarded secret by the Clooney camp.  “We haven’t been able to find out how it happened and that is highly unusual for us. We usually have multiple sources,” a representative for TMZ told WWN.

There are rumors that perhaps Clooney had elbow cancer (a rare disease that affects less that 0.5% of the population).  Others say he injured it in a jet-ski accident on Lake Como.  Others say that he injured it in a “bizarre sex accident.”  No one  knows for sure  and George isn’t saying.

Brad Pitt flew to L.A. to be with Clooney as he copes with the news of losing his right forearm.  Clooney, however, was in good spirits and joked with nurses. “I’m more of a left wing  guy anyway,” he reportedly said.

Clooney is actually feeling much better, now that the diseased arm is gone and he is being fitted with a prosthetic forearm and hand and will have it in time for  his appearance at the Oscars.  Clooney’s critically acclaimed film, “The Descendants,”  is considered one of the best pictures of 2011.

WWN wishes George a speedy recovery…

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