During the first week of 2012, UFO reports from around the world have increased 500%.  The alien invasion is underway!

The new year of UFO sightings is off and running as the worldwide proliferation of digital video cameras and phone cams makes it easier than ever to photograph unusual sights in the sky above us.

The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Netowrk, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states.  Also, the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has been swamped with reports of alien sightings – spaceships AND beings.

Dr. John Malley, the head of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, met with WWN to discuss the situation.

“We have predicted this for a while. This is a seminal moment in life of our planet, and our species.  We have two sets of alien beings invading our planet,”  Malley said.   The aliens from Planet Zeeba have been arriving here since October of 2010 and are here to help heal the earth and bring peace to all people on earth.  The Gootans began invading our planet in November of 2011 and they are here… well, they are here to take over.”

Dr. Susan Begley who, along with Dr. Banesh Bannerjee, works closely with Dr. Malley on the U.N. Panel, said that UFO sightings will keep increasing throughout this year.  “Our job is identify each of the ships that witnesses see and then attempt to figure out if there is a plan, or a strategy being used.”

In the United States, only states have NOT reported a dramatic increase in UFO sightings. Those states are:  Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming — but Dr. Malley said that by the end of January, all these states will have numerous sightings.

For the entire month of January 2011, MUFON recorded around 500 reports, and we’re already up to 839 after just the first week of 2012,” said MUFON associate director Marty Mark.

“For December, we had 1,930, compared to about 200 in December 2010,”  Mark told WWN.

“Last year, we averaged over 6,000 total sightings, and if it continues at this pace, we’ll be up 5,000 percent,” he said.

According to New Zealand’s WeatherWatch.co.nz., in the first 24 hours of the new year, it received “almost 580 reports and they’re still flooding in at about 190 an hour.”

“Many people around the world have been outside celebrating the new year. In the U.S., where most of the sightings came from, conditions were fairly mild and dry in many areas, so more people were outside to see things,” weather analyst Philip Duncan said in a statement.

Here’s a sample of sightings so far this year:

Jan. 3: Two slow-moving, bright flying objects (Zeeban ships) were recorded over Sinaloa, Mexico.

Jan. 4: The skies above North Carolinawere the subject of videotape of bright objects (Gootan ships).

Jan. 5: A white-colored globe was captured on video over Mesa, Arizona.

Jan. 6: A strange, bright object was videotaped as it fell out of the sky over Wakayama, Japan.  This was identified as  a Zeeban ship by the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.


Jan. 7: Some high-altitude glowing orbs were caught on videotape over San Antonio, Texas.

Jan. 7: On the other side of the world, two bright objects were videotaped above Minsk, Belarus.

WWN will continue to follow the alien invasion…

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  1. The UN is full of CRAP AS usual the same UN that tried to sell us on the H1N1 and other deceptions. god help us if they make contact with any government moron.

  2. Frank Lake, you're such an idiot. Aliens never been on Earth? Planet Zeeba? Planet Gootan?! buaahahaha You're the biggest moron of all time.

  3. The UN is full of CRAP AS usual the same UN that tried to sell us on the H1N1 and other deceptions. god help us if they make contact with any government moron.

  4. This UFO business really got me very mad, to the point that I contacted my attorney to see if there is a point to file a discrimination class action suit against the extraterrestrials. How come they show up all over China, Russia, Norway, the US, Australia, Tasmania, and etc. but in Boynton Beach, Florida NADA, SIPO. In Boynton we have nice beaches full of female earthlings in very small bikinis, excellent restaurants, moderate price shopping centers, etc. We are getting discriminated and we are out the loop. I have not seen one and I go out at night to see at least a small one. We are not asking for a full display just something that we can photograph and show to our friends. Please UFOs!!! If you are monitoring the Internet like you should do Please come to Boynton Beach, Florida USA. Give me some time to get my camera focused and start filming. Move to the right then to the left then up and down. If you can open a windows from the UFO and say Hello !!! You will really make a lot of people very happy here in Boynton… Not to mention the good PR …. Thanks

  5. hi there all you ufo nuts, i too am ufo nut,
    i've followed many things concerning ufo's, yes, i believe they are real but, i do have some reservations too. i've never seen a ufo, and i do believe we will be invaded, but i've never heard of gootans or zeebans til this past year, i think its a hoax, at this time,but what i fear is a true "V" invasion, i think that is more likely to happen, search out, planet x, annuki, and history, both science and biblical,there is more than we know.

  6. if a species is intelligent enough to utilize vortex engineering, does anyone think that they still whould be as barbaric as the human race? look at us, we cant even stop fighting amongst each other, and look how our technological growth has been stumpt. does anyone think that a world in the same situation would be capable of such technology? I think not. As for some "experts" claiming invasion, maybe earths governments dont want us to establish contact. maybe they have alot to lose to citizens being empowered by knowledge by another world.

  7. ricky I am sorry to tell u all its true and we will have soon other prouve about this invasion..nobody want to tell us what will be because they are afraid about what will be ..sorry for my inglish but I am russian and I try…anyway I am military in Novosibirsk and here in russia…and here never was this last 2 months so much mouvement in military base! they will attack us soon and they already send them scout!!next 2 / 3 months you will see on net what will be..

    • Dear Yuri
      Could you please explain how the movements in a military base makes you suspect an alien attack and not something more down to earth like fears over Iran being attacked. I am very interested in the alien situation.
      Yours Sincerely Peter
      Ps. Do not worry about your english, my Russian is nonexistent.

  8. For years I was troubled by a lost time incident. I went to my friends home to chat for a few hours. I left at !):! Ten thirty and went the !) Ten miles back home. I was so flustered when I arrived home to find out it was one thirty am. I don't know what happened, I questioned my friend and she confirmed my departure time as ten thirty pm. I have been worried about this for years. Afterwards I seemed to have a few odd medical issues. I have never put this incident in any context or associated it with any strange event until the last few months. It has been @! Twenty-one yrs since the lost time nite and recently odd things bring it to mind. Last nite @ three am there was a strange light system outside our home. It lasted a few minutes yet I immediately went back to that nite yrs ago. Freaked me out. I don't know what to think…

    • Trying not to pry Marlee but did is your health issues have to do with sexual organs >>??? sorry you don't have to answer that but most people that have had a 4th kind of experience and "remembered it" say that they were very interested in the Sexual parts. That raises the question about your health issues. That makes me wonder…. I have been researching on my own at the best of my ability for quite some time now and I have come to my own conclusion that this Invasion call it what you will is more magical than anything…. I mean 2 Military bases In Montanan reported a red Glowing Orb totally shutting down all the power to their missiles as if saying "don't mess with us we can control your defense with some unknown energy" …. I mean these things have the ability to hack into a military system undetected and shut down all the defenses for a short time and then turn it back on?? Um no. These things have been sighted for thousands of years and god knows how old. They have been coming here for a very long time this energy they posses is Strong in many cases supernatural. My guess is they have been this strong for a long time. Soooo what now? They control us and that is why no one wants to talk is because they know we are screwed if we try anything and telling the world of what these things can do and what they want to do would cause mass panic, pretty much making us more vulnerable. sorry guys i am all over the place….

    • Hey I have heard many similar experiences. My dad told me about a man who lived at a farm quite far from major cities and is used to long drives of at least 8 hours. He recalled seeing a very bright light in the rear view and the next thing he knew he arrived at home with many hours passed by as well. He cannot seem to remember what happened but he knew he usually can handle long drives no problem. Anyways just know you are not alone in these experiences and "they" will not harm us for no reason.

    • the same thing happened to me marlee i was at my friends and then i left at 6:30 pm i live 3 miles away i returned home the next day at 3 am i had no idea what happened i went to the doctor but when i came home i had no idea what happened i have been having problems remembering anything i have been taking medicine ever since

    • the same thing happened to me i went to my friends house arrived home the next week i couldnt remember anything that happened i just had severe pains in my head

  9. It's insane if you think we're going to be attacked! They won't show themselves because people will start capturing and killing them, because of the Hollywood steriotype. They aren't here to harm. And there is only one know type of alien. And their planet will line up with ours on the 21st of December. They are calling it the "Dooms Day Planet" another steriotype. They are here to help. We are ruining our planet.

  10. I am in agreement with a.mcmurry,if i was an alien an i flew over our earth and seen the way they treat each other and the things that they do to their planet i would not let them know that i exist either.

  11. well according to my knowledge they are coming evry month..and my research says that whenever and wherever the gootan's land there is a tragic incident taking place..so that we will concentrate on the those incident such as earthquake or tsunami or tornado… and we will not pay attention to there invasions.. like when they landed in japan the nuclear trajedy occured ..in Thailand when they landed tsunami hit there…when a ufo landed near titanic it fired lasers on it which was the cause of sinking of titanic..recently an earthquake hit in indonesia,must be another spaceship. i didnt believe in aliens..till i saw a torus type of ufo high in sky partially glowing for 2 sec and then vanished.. from then and there my motto is aliens..to find them before i die….

  12. I saw and took pictures of about 50 red orbs that were crusing the sky over the cancun – playa del carmen highway ( 08/11/11 9:00pm), but they were going towards Yucatan. Is there a way to know the plantet of origin by looking at the kind of UFO? If so, any idea where the red orbs come from ? Thx

  13. I'm sorry but "Gootans" and "Zeebans"?Care to back that up with something?There is indeed a severe increase in UFO sightings this year,and disinformation and straight up crazy talk is on the rise too to discredit the mere thought of extraterrestrials or whatever operates these craft.

  14. December 21st 2012 they will come here silently and strike on the 22nd to confuse us. Surprisingly I've been told this information from a good friend of mine, a Colonel in the air force. Either way we can't do anything about it until then. But if its meant to happen..


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