Here’s ten little known fun facts about Dear Leader.
1.  A former chef said staff had to make sure the grains of rice he ate were the same size and color.
2.  He kidnapped two South Korean film directors in 1978 because he thought all the filmmakers in his own country were awful.  He was a film buff with a reported collection of 20,000 foreign films. Loved Rambo.  He also made a number of short films and one of his subordinates posted them to Funny or Die – which turned out to be a big mistake for the subordinate.

3.  When he had to take painkillers after falling off a horse, he made a handful of his staff take the same medication. He also made the horse take the pain medication – and his dogs
4.  He imported more than $500,000 worth of Hennessy per year and insisted that things like roast donkey and live lobsters be flown in fresh to his train during travels.   He also liked to eat pit bulls – and requested that the finest pit bulls from America be flown in for him to eat.   Meanwhile, his people starved.
5. His official bio at various times claimed he was the world’s greatest golfer (five holes-in-ones on his very first round!), could control the weather with his mood, and … did not defecate.  That’s right.  He never pooped – not once in his life.  He was the first non-pooper in human history.   And his urine?  Well, they say it was gold, pure gold.

6.  In 2010 Kim Jong-Il banned the World Cup from being broadcast in North Korea unless the national team won. The communist country’s state-run TV stations were ordered not to broadcast live matches or games involving other nations, with only heavily edited highlights of North Korean victories permitted to be screened.  If the national Korean team every DID lose, he would have them come to his palace, take off all their clothes and lie face down on the palace floors for days.  He would “prod them” with a Dear Leader pole once a day.
7.  Upset by the lack of film-makers in his native land, in 1978 Kim arranged for two South Korean directors to be kidnapped from Hong Kong and brought to him. They tried to escape but eventually relented, making a string of movies for him including the cult Godzilla rip-off  Pulgasari.

8.   As well as being something of a foodie, Kim knew his booze. According to Hennessy, Kim was one of their single biggest customers, importing $800,000 worth of the cognac every year.

9.   Dear Leader was obsessed with Katy Perry.  He often danced around his palace singing “I Kissed A Girl”.  He sent Perry numerous love letters and sent a North Korean spy team to England to steal her away from Russel Brand.  They never made it – and instead defected to Portugal.

10.  One of his unofficial titles was The Central Brain.   He often said that his brain was ten times bigger than Einstein’s and told sources close to him that President Obama’s brain was the smallest of any leader on the planet.
And here’s a few more on video:

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  1. Why is the females photo in middle of Weekly World News Kim Jong II that is not him who is that? please comment thats Megan Fox and wrong posted Photo I hope thats a tranny was a sex change history may prove it was a girl come on whos right? and Weekly World News Apologize for the wrong Photo in Kim Jong II he deserves respect hes dead.his son Germany story was amazing he was sent around North Korea is in for some suprises.

  2. i loved this guy may his soul rest in peace. i loved all dictators like gadaffi, idi amin and kim jong let me hope that his son will be like him


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