CAMDEN, NJ – Bon Jovi died last Friday and then… he rose again!
Reports of his death have NOT been exaggerated.  Last Friday, 49-year-old rocker Jon Bon Jovi was the died of a massive heart attack.  BJ fans around the world fell into a deep depression, with many women being rushed to the hospital with sympathetic heart failure.
But a miracle happened!  Last night, Bon Jovi rose again – fully as himself.  Bon Jovi was found in New Jersey standing by a Christmas tree.

And what is that sign he is holding.  Well, here’s a close-up:

Yes!  Bon Jovi has confirmed what many religious scholars have been saying for the last ten years – heaven is in New Jersey.
“I died and when I got to heaven, it looked exactly like the Vince Lombardi service stop on the NJ Turnpike.  It was amazing,” Bon Jovi reportedly said.

Bon Jovi went on to say that he woke up his bed and now… he never wants to leave New Jersey.  “New Jersey is the most peaceful, beautiful place on earth.  I can never leave.  I will live and die and rise again here.”
Here he is Living On  Prayer in New Jersey:

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