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ALIENS ATTACK! (2.28.12)

KANGEAN ISLAND –  Aliens from  Planet Gootan have been spotted across the Indonsian Sea. 
WWN continues to follow the landing of three large spaceships from Planet Gootan – that arrived on November 29th, 2011.   Two ships landed in a field near Lijang, China and one ship landed in the Indonesian Sea near Kangean Island.
WWN has learned that ti was not just one ship that landed in the Indonesian sea, but there were three ships – and 12 Gootan pods that landed in the sea.  Over the last two weeks, the ships have been surfacing and flying g over Kangean Island and Bali.
The United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials has sent a team to Bali to observe first hand the activities of the Gootans.

Some readers continue to be skeptical of the landings – but WWN has been following the developments closely and is close contact with the United Nations and the Defense Department.
Sources inside the Defense Department say that the activities of the Gootans have many world leaders very concerned.  It does appear that the Gootans are planning an attack on humans.

Dr. Susan Begley, one of the leaders of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials,  estimates that between ten thousand and thirty thousand Gootans are now on Earth.  She believes that there are over 3,000 in the Indonesian Sea – preparing for war.
Many citizens on the island of Bali have noticed the Gootan ships hovering above them.  Locals have taken to wearing demon masks to scare off the Gootans.

Others are performing tribal dances to stop the Gootans from attacking Bali.

According to sources in Bali, there have numerous reports of strange apparitions, beings, moving through the island.
— BALI.   Two old men, Wayan and Nyoman,  saw three strange beings on the beach.  The beings stopped to look at them.   Wayan said that the beings “glowed” and stared at them.  After a flash went off – they disappeared.
— KANGEAN ISLAND.  Many reports of a light above the island, that was similar to this:
Dr. John Malley, the leader of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials is also In Bali  monitoring the situation.  “The Gootans are here are are getting closer to an attack.  I would say that the attack will take place sometime in November or December of 2012.  They are just “observing” humans now.”
Dr. Malley went on to say that the United Nations is doing everything in its power to protect the citizens of earth from the Gootans.   Dr. Johannes Bargad, a specialist in extraterrestrial medicine, is working on a vaccine that may keep the Gootans away – but time is running out.

Why  have the Gootans have come? –  we asked Dr. Begley. “Well, some say they have come for our gold, or that they feel that humans are abusing the planet and want to take over, and others  speculate that they are here to do research on humans…. but we will never know.  We just have to take steps to protect our planet.”
As always, WWN will continue following this developing story…  and please report any Gootan sightings in the comments section.  The mainstream media is covering up this story to avoid causing a worldwide panic, but WWN wants to keep readers informed.

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  1. We need a intel report of their ability, strengths, and possible weaknesses. I don’t want to be stuck bringing a knife to a gunfight!

    • I agree 100%. The people deserve to know what actions to take to protect or prevent anything from happening to their families. The littlest details could be helpful. If you have any info please post it

  2. I live in Lijang, China and I saw to beings walk into the town people were freaking out! Then there was a giant flash and there was nothing there after the flash.
    Translated by google

  3. I also have a question i was wondering if someone with knowledge can answer.
    If they can be “invisible” to the human eye and walk among us, does that mean they can possibly be sitting in our houses with us right now watching tv? if so i hope they like the same shows as me

  4. Oh well, this planet is over populated anyway. A lot of the worlds problems would be sustainably solved if we could cull at least half the morons out there.

  5. i've say that this lastest alien crap really takes the cake, who so ever dreamed up this really has an imagination and from what i could tell, 97% of people don't believe this crap,i think its a hoax.


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