A Kung Fu bear was captured and is being held in captivity.  A video has surfaced of the bear using his Kung Fu stick behind bars.
The bear is seen rocking  a staff from side to side and around his neck, passing it from hand to hand and twisting it in front of him, while a voice off camera shouts “Kung Fu Panda!”

The rare Russian bear called Pamir, is playing with a wooden stick, like a “real master of kung fu” according to website of the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk where he is being held until he is sent to Siberia.

Parmir is a rare white claw bear, a subspecies of the Asian brown bear which are native of forests in the Central Asian Himalayan and Tian Shan mountain range.

Unlike their brown Russian cousins, white claw bears do not hibernate. Pamir came to Royev Ruchei in 2006 from a zoo in Ekaterinburg, where he was born.
Here’s his video:
He’s not the first Kung Fu Bear master.  Black bears have been martial arts masters for a long time.  Here’s one:
And here is it, in a slightly different way:

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