In addition to saving the air-conditioning jobs in Indiana, Weekly World News has just learned that the second big economic stimulus program to be announced by the Trump Administration will be that December will now be officially named Decyber to spur online sales of goods (preferably American goods).
To celebrate our country’s exciting new direction, Weekly World News is throwing a Cyber Party at the WWN Store!   Aliens will be in attendance!
Cyber-Monday is officially underway and the best Cyber Party, the best deals, the best Bat Boy paraphernalia can ONLY  be found at:


Free Shipping on all orders of  $20 or more!!!  Forget Call of Duty, Black Ops, forget Squinkies, forget iPhones or iPads or IPORN – what that special someone in life REALLY wants is to be part of Bat Boy Nation!
Here’s just SOME great gift ideas for the holidays:
1) The Bat Boy Bobblehead

2)  Bat Boy T-Shirt

3)  GOING MUTANT- Bat Boy Exposed

4)  Classic Archival Issues

*FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 20$!  So, come join the party!
Here’s the Today Show talking about Cyber-Monday madness.  Matt will be attending the WWN Decyber

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