Megyn Kelly shocked the cable news world today by announcing she is leaving Fox News to focus on her modeling career.
The sonic boom heard in midtown Manhattan was caused by fighter jets – Roger Ailes and Donald Trump – and the result is Megyn Kelly is done with Fox News.  Roger Ailes finally succumbed to Donald Trump’s requests and he fired Megyn Kelly soon after the Republican debate in Des Moines.
Roger Ailes was under a great deal of pressure because the feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly was negatively affecting the ratings for ALL Fox News shows.
“We did  what Vladmir Putin would have done in a similar circumstance. We fired Megyn,” Roger Ailes reportedly told a worker at Starbucks.
Bill O’Reilly, who was seen outside Trump Tower last night, on his hands and knees, holding a six vanilla milkshakes. He was begging The Donald to be nice to Megy and Fox.  But when he heard she was fired he was thrilled the saga was finally over.
“I’m looking out for the folks, and  Megyn Kelly’s rating were just too damn high,” O’Reilly told a construction worker.  “I’m glad she’s gone, so I can once again be the big dog at the network.”   Rumors are that Roger Ailes plotted this all along with O’Reilly.
As for Megyn Kelly, she didn’t have much to say to this reporter, though she did promise that he would be on her new reality show on TLC called, “The Real Foxes of Fox.”
Some are saying that Megyn wants to focus on her modeling career.
And there are rumors that Megyn might go to the Middle East. She has some friends who have offered her the anchor seat on “Good Morning Dubai!”
Either way, Megyn doesn’t really care all that much.
Fox News announced that Megyn Kelly will be replaced by two women.


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