MOSCOW – The Russians and the Chinese have built a space bunker – a new space station – in case the alien attack destroys Earth.

Vladmir Putin s began production on a new Russian space station two years ago, with financial and technological help from the Chinese, in preparation for the alien attack predicted to occur on November 27, 2011.

The space station was secretly launched in July.   It is capable of keeping twenty-four people on board alive for up to two years.   Food, oxygen and supplies on board may allow them to live even longer.

Sources close to Putin say that he has been closely following the ongoing alien invasion – as written about extensively on WWN – and has met with Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials.

Dr. Malley has identified the three large spaceships that are heading to Earth as being from Planet Gootan.  They are closing in on Mars as of today.  There is already an alien invasion that began in October, 2010 and is predicted to continue to 2015.  But these aliens – from Planet Zeeba and Planet Xicuc – are known to be peaceful, docile.   The Gootan, however, are a different story.

“The Gootans are unpredictable.  They may be coming in peace to help save Earth from itself – environmentally, politically and maybe even financially – but they also may be coming here to attack and destroy us,” said Malley.

Putin says he is not one hundred percent sure he believe everything that the U.N. Panel and Dr. Malley is saying, but he wants to be safe, just in case.

So, Putin had the space station built and has six Russia rockets ready to blast him, 14 other Russians and 9 Chinese to the space station.  Reports are that Putin has selected three close friends and nine Russian supermodels to join him in space if Earth is destroyed.

“I will have to restart the human race, so I will need the very best human specimens on earth.  That include me and the beautiful Russian women.”

Some say Putin may launch himself and the supermodels to the new space station – whether or not the Gootan attack destroys earth.

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