DALLAS – Sources close to Rick Perry say he regularly dances with Rabbis and hopes to become a Rabbi someday.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is working fervently to secure the Republican nomination, but he also is spending a good deal of time with Jewish leaders from around the world.  He not only wants their vote, he wants to be a rabbi!

Rick Perry has engulfed himself in Mideast politics with a hardline stand support Israel in his presidential campaign, a move that his backers and campaign have said comes from the heart, and predates the campaign.  He has long been in love with Israel and told friends that he loves “lox”.

It’s been revealed that Perry joins Rabbis as often as he can – and they dance.

“Rick loves to dance with the Jews,” said Kyle Montville of Dallas.  “He’s a good Jewish dancer.  He’s got some fancy Jewish footwork, I tell ya.”

There are rumors that Rick Perry is going to convert to Judaism, but Rabbis were concerned when Rick Perry held a Christian Prayer day in August.  They didn’t object to the Christian prayer, but they were bothered that Rick wanted Christians to pray for rain.  “Jews know that you God doesn’t get involved in weather,” said Rabbi Schumacher of Austin, TX.

Jewish supporters from around the state of Texas,honor the Governor during the high holy days every year.

During the festivities, Perry joined the religious leaders in traditional singing and dancing, while celebrating the lighting of the menorah. Below, watch him join the religious men in a circular dance.







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