GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Genetic Scientists have confirmed that the last redhead will be born in 2015!

Redheads or “gingers,” as British and Australian citizens call them, are going extinct.  The Scotland Genetic Center, made up of some of the world’s top redheaded genetic scientists, have predicted that there will be no more redheads born after 2015 and very few walking the planet in 2050.

The recessive gene for red hair is dying out.   It is not showing up with the frequency it once did.  Even if a woman or man is carrying the “red hair” gene today – there are very few.

There have been rumors of redhead extinction before, but now genetic experts around the world agree that redhead extinction is inevitable.

Red hair is caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene. It’s also a recessive trait, so it takes both parents passing on a mutated version of the MC1R gene to produce a redheaded child.  It used to a skip a generation – but scientists have said the “skipping” is coming to an end.

Global intermingling, which broadens the availability of possible partners, has reduced the chances of redheads meeting and so producing little redheads of their own is diminishing rapidly.

Although it takes only one red-haired parent to produce ginger babies, two redheads obviously creates a much stronger possibility.  And for some reason, redheads are no longer attracted to each other.

If the gingers want to save themselves they will have to start breeding with other gingers. “They need to make more redheaded babies,” said Dr. Sean Darby.  “They only hope is if that redheads mate and produce  three or four babies each.   The odds will increase.  Otherwise – bye-bye redheads.”

In the United States, it is estimated that 2-6% of the population has red hair. This would give the U.S. the largest population of redheads in the world, at 6 to 18 million, compared to approximately 650,000 in Scotland and 420,000 in Ireland.

But by 2020 the number in the U.S. will drop to 2 million, in Scotland 200,000 and Ireland – 120,00.

Some Scots were happy to learn of the redhead extinction:  “They have a specific odor, redheads do, and I don’t like it,” said Mary Conley of Glasgow.

Well, whether redheads smell or not, they won’t be around much longer.   This man be the last redheaded man standing:

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12 thoughts on “REDHEADS GOING EXTINCT!”

  1. Who's doing the math in this article. RIght now the US has 6 -18 million redheads, but by 2020 there will only be 2 million. Unless a metor hits the earth is hard to see how the US will lose between 4 and 16 million people in the next 9 years. Go take some math classes.

    • no dont say that i really dont understand what peoples problems are so wat some one has a different hair color than u im a red head and im not ashamed of it. So go ahead and make fun of us or be mean cuz when it comes down to it im unique and your just plane boring

  2. Well I'm a red head and I love it and I get pushed a round but do u think I care and no I don't and at least we're r awesome and other color hair is plane old borrning

  3. i'm a red head and i'm only 18 so ummmmmm 2050 will have a red head walking and my bf has cousin's who's red heads and they're like 8 so 2050 you'r idea of us red heads leaving ain't happening. we are some hot headed non stoping bunch, who wont go extinct ever. we are a bunch of people who may of been a accidental mutation that gave us red hair but its a gift that's gonna stay till the end of time sorry scientists were not going anywhere

  4. I agree–the math is off here. Also, many redheads are still being born as of 2012 and 3 more years could not possibly mean no more will be born. Crazy. Also, I have never heard of a redhead smelling. Who says that redheads are not attracted to redheads? Who makes up this stuff? This is so not based on research! Why would this article think these things?. It kind of reminds me of bullying I received as a child in the 50's about saying very mean things about my having red hair! My elementary school had some bullies that told me not to ever come back to US Grant school because they were getting rid of all redheads. it did not work.

  5. I'm a red head & can finally say I'm proud =,) with knowing all you people who have probably been through the same hassle I went thought at school & if you didn't your lucky.

    & ALL of you are right we are awsome & have beautiful UNIQUE powerful hair colour that NO amount of cheap hair dye will make & YES our colour is nowhere near as boring & dull as the colours out there. Thankyou


  6. That is a complete lie. Redheads will NEVER be extinct, not even in a million years. In fact, dark brown eyes will be extinct in 10,000 years. Both my parents, all my grandparents, 7 of my great grandparents, and 13 of my great grandparents have dark brown eyes. My mom's maternal grandfather had blue eyes. My dad's maternal great grandmother had blue green eyes. But I don't have the same eye color as Jeffrey Solomon. I am 100% Asian. There is no European blood in me.


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