[mpoverlay]WASHINGTON – The U.S. Post Office is bankrupt and will be closing for good on December 31st, 2013.

The United States Postal Service is so low on cash that it won’t be able to make a $5.5 billion payment due this month and will, therefore, have to shut down.
The last day of mail delivery will be Tuesday, December 31, 2013.  “There’s no way we can handle the holiday rush this year, we can barely handle a normal delivery day,” said a Post Office insider.


The Obama Administration feel that the shut down will save money and they do not feel that Americans will miss their mail.  “Most Americans get everything they need in email.  And most Americans only get bills in the mail.  So if we cut out the post office, we will save Americans on bills,” said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

 The postmaster general, Patrick R. Donahoe, said in an interview with WWN.  “Americans don’t need any more catalogues.  We could ask Congress to bail us out, but what’s the point.  We had a good run.”
Recently, Mr. Donahoe was pushing for eliminating Saturday mail delivery, closing up to 3,700 postal locations and laying off 120,000 workers — nearly one-fifth of the agency’s work force — despite a no-layoffs clause in the unions’ contracts.
But, Donahoe feels closing up the whole Post Office system is better. “We should let the private sector handle the mail.  They do a better job anyway.”
At the end of the month the agency will run out of money to pay its employees and gas up its trucks, officials warn, forcing it to stop delivering the roughly three billion pieces of mail it handles weekly.
Mail volume has plummeted with the rise of e-mail, electronic bill-paying and a Web that makes everything from fashion catalogs to news instantly available. The system will handle an estimated 167 billion pieces of mail this fiscal year, down 22 percent from five years ago.
It’s difficult to imagine that trend reversing, so better to “chop the chicken’s head off now,” said Donahoe.
Ben Franklin is rolling over in his grave…


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    • This is no laughing matter its not only gonna effect the hundreds of employees but it also is going to effect the rural areas where the poor and indigent don't even know what a computer is, what a shame somebody needs to save the post office.

  1. They can't shut it down! I write letters to so many people! Letter writing is so much more personal than email or texting. And who doesn't love getting letters? And what about things like thank you notes? Simple courtesies like that? This is wrong!

  2. Shutting down the post office!!!! This is a very bad idea. I'm 27 & my husband is 30 we do all of our billing through the postal service. I also see this being very confusing for the elderly. & do they receive email in prison? Unfortunately, many of us have family members incarcerated. I have no desire to visit but I would at least like to know I'm able to keep in contact.

  3. This is really messed up, it`s a sign of our weakness that we cannot afford to show in times like this, everybody needs their mail, that`s common sense, it just goes to show what we can expext to happen over the next few years, come on, I know you guys can figure this out, quit stealing from your people and work together to make it work right.

  4. I can believe it. I really can. I am just blessed to have what job I have. I believe it's just another sign of the times and what is to come of Gods plan..and will. So it's bad you know now….

  5. we need to straten out this country. first there are only 37 states maritime law is unconstitutional income tax is totalatarianism drivers licenses are unconstitutional there are no such thing as traffic laws, think so post them. all state traffick laws are communistic they are in violation of the 3rd and 5th elements of jurisdiction court commisioners are illegal. any garbage driver can be a commissioner. courts have no jurisdiction over traffic laws , insurance u disagree like i said post the law law is either criminal or civil/ called tort law. traffic violations do not injure u. not having insurance does not injur u not paying taxes does not injure , paying them does plus it is in violation of the core of the constitution for life ,liberty and happiness. u are being denied this that is defined as treason, high crimes or misdemeaners against the constion federalst paper 65 and 69

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  7. OMG!!!! THIS WHOLE STORY IS TOTALLY WRONG AND BAD REPORTING!!! USPS EMPLOYEE THAT LOL HAHA SOOOOO EXAGERATED!!! We want to stop saturday delivery due to low volumes on that day and ability to curb operational costs. shutting down the fleet for saturdays will save us alot of money and the mandate by congress is why we have a deficit. No other co is required to fund pre retirees so far into the future. It has sent us into the red. We asked for overpayments back to properly operate and congress has sat on their hands. The Postmaster Gen was forced to take a drastic step to maintain operations. If people want service to continue like always, start by mailing your bills and stop using the internet to pay them. Besides it is safer. Identity theft is more apt to happen via internet. If you steal info from a mailbox you are prosecuted by postal police under federal authority.

  8. FedEx ups more dependable most people pay bills online usps sucks especially when it comes to
    Delivering packages plus they don't have real time tracking so who in the hell
    Know where your package might end up the only thing I would do at a post office
    Is buy a stamp


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