WASHINGTON, DC –  Sources close to Hillary Clinton say  she will announce her run for President.

Hillary Clinton came to WWN Headquarters and told editors that she is livid about the downgrade of the U.S. Credit Rating.  “I’ve stood silent long enough.  I don’t think Obama is a leader and I know… I know I can do a much better job.  I am a true leader and… I am going to challenge Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States.”

The White House was quick to deny the news, saying that as far as they knew Hillary Clinton is happy as Secretary of State and remains loyal to Barack Obama.

But, WWN has learned  that in recent weeks, Bill Clinton, has been meeting with democratic operatives in Washington and grass roots leaders early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Bill thinks this time around, Hillary can easily wrestle the nomination from a weakened Barack Obama.

“It’s her time.  The nation desperately needs Hillary.  The world desperately needs Hillary,” Bill Clinton told  WWN’s Frank Lake in phone interview last night.

Some cynical Republican consultants feel that this was the plan all along.  “They made a pact back in 2008.  Barack would serve one term and get Obamacare passed, then Hillary would serve two terms and pass the other elements of their progressive agenda. The plan is working perfectly.”

Sources close to Hillary said, however, that Hillary has not spoken to Barack Obama personally in over three weeks.  “Hillary feels that President Obama has moved dramatically to the center and abandoned the core progressive principles they both old dear.”

A quick Rasmussen poll of Democratic primary voters puts the race at 52% for Hillary and 45% for Obama with 3% undecided.

James Carville, Paul Begala and, surprisingly, Dick Morris, have all signed up to join the Hillary for President team.  2012 is going to be a wild  year.

Bill Clinton likes Hillary’s chances.  “Hillary is going to crush Obama.  And the country is going to get two for one.  We are back, baby.  We’re back!!”

Republicans and Tea Party Patriots are… very worried.  VERY worried.


  1. SoS Clinton would never do that. Does anyone think the rightwing radicals would be any kinder to her than to Obama. They hate her more than him. She's served her country so let her rest or return to the Senate. This is pure bs.

  2. Please run for President!! This country is in trouble!! Cutting more and more of medicare benifits and medication, trying to cut in home care!! We need you to help the disabled and the regular working class. It is getting so hard for us. I trust you can help us!! This country is in so much trouble!!

  3. I dont like Romney, I really dont like Obama. I would vote for you over both of them. The media took out my rep. canidates, but you had my 2008 vote. Come back and beat Obama!

  4. The polls doesn’t look appealing for Obama camp in fact Hilary leads by 7% as the America next choice President. Some feel it democrat planned agenda, Hilary the First Female President of the America. Keep in mind is that same Hilary that warned America that this is not a race for experimenters and boneless people, you have to be tough and take on the real issues. There is no room for novice Hilary told the world. America wanted change now America is in pain.

  5. Hillary "My daughter and I were under attack in Bosnia" Clinton for President is a joke. And please understand that I believe Romney almost as big of a joke.

    America is now engaged in a Presidential, political, fight that pits two contenders, Obama and Romney, in a fight for the moral supremacy of a great Republic that has lost it's "Moral Compass". This election amounts, once again, to a choice between the "lesser of the two evils". Both candidates are markedly flawed, but the voters, like those who choose to watch "pit bull fighting", are crouched and leaning, and drooling spittle, as their energized minds wrap around the deadly combat. There are moral alternative choices for this great office, but the public is so intent on "blood", not unlike that which proceeded "The French Revolution", that moral candidates like Allen West, are not only ignored, but dismissed as too "warlike".

    Obama, the most fraudulent of any past U.S. President, is suddenly getting bad press from his own dysfunctional party, the Democrats. His character is so flawed that even the "Blind Sheep" voting public is becoming wise. I predict that in the coming months the Democrats will let Obama "retire" with the blessing of his wife, "Lady MacBama". Thus opening the "door" for the more savage "pit bull", Hillary Clinton, to take on the "Sissy Boy" Romney for the Presidency. Now, please don't believe, or hold your breath, that the election of "Sissy Boy" Romney would stem the trend towards complete socialism……but at least this "best of the worst" scenario would give the respectable Americans time to find their "Moral Compass", and elect someone with the courage and integrity, such as Allen West, next time around.
    Lord Howard Hurts freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  6. of course like your website but you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality nevertheless I'll certainly come again again.

  7. I wil say this once and for all..if hillary clinton comes out as some want and run against Prez-O during this 2nd term, she will suffer 85 percent of the black vote against her and she cannot win because the right who is pushing this won't vote for her because they hate her husband as much as her. They think that if she can bring O down they they have a clear path to the WH through her. Also, if she starts to talk bad about him or President clinton, there will be a backlash on the runup to the 2016 election and we don't forget anything, trust me we don't cause if you rub the blacks the wrong way , you don't get our vote…and we are a major voting block…As a side note all of you clinton fans who hate the fat the Obama beat her..get a grip, if you think you can denagrate Prez Obama and get away with it, think again..No democrat on a major ticket can win without our vote..you can say all you please but it is a true fact..Try it…..

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