MOSCOW – Russia launched a man spacedcraft that is scheduled to land on the sun.
Our “native” star, the Sun,  has never been able to examined at close range – until now.  The Russian will be landing on the sun in three weeks!
Helio-physicists of several countries worked to create devices that have allowed Russian astronauts to land on the sun.  The first solar probe is underway!
The idea of ​​sending a spacecraft to the sun originated in the Russian scientific community in the 1970 (under Brezhnev). It involved not a manned spacecraft, but rather a research probe that was to be sent to the Sun. At the time, however, this project seemed technically unfeasible. The real work on the device able to explore the Sun from an extremely small distance (30-40 solar radii), was commenced by the Russian scientists only in 2005. Later, the project was included in the federal space program.

 The Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation named after Pushkov (IZMIRAN), Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN) and other research institutions along with their colleagues from the “Space Agency” completed a Interhelioprobe device that has made it possible for Russian astronauts to travel to the sun – and land on it.
The NGO named after Lavochkin developed research equipment and “solar spies” that will  be “delivered” to the sun with Soyuz-2. It is assumed that 17 units will be housed on board of the domestic probe. Since their combined weight must not exceed 120 kilograms, specialists will use the most advanced technology and materials for the construction of the equipment.
There is, of course, the danger of overheating and Russian astronauts being vaporized by the heat, but Russian scientists said that they think they have created a protective shield that can withstand “a thousand suns”.  The heat shield is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. As reported by the staff of FIAN, the heat shieldconsists of alloys of tungsten, molybdenum and other refractory materials.

What kind of information do the scientists expect to obtain?
“Landing on the sun is necessary in order to study such phenomenon as solar flares,” says Vladimir Kuznetsov, director of IZMIRAN. “An essential part of the program will involve observations of the area out of the ecliptic plane of the sun, where Earth and all planets are located. In these areas the reversal of the magnetic fields occurs, which is important for studying the solar cycle and the solar dynamo, because as of today we still are not able to predict the beginning and the amplitude of these cycles very well.”

According to Kuznetsov, if we learn to predict solar activity and the duration of solar cycles, it will allow to lessen the impact of Earth and near-Earth environment, as it has long been proven that they significantly affect nearly all natural and technological processes, as well as human activity.
In addition, the scientist said, when we can explore the heliosphere, and especially its interaction with man-made structures, we will learn how to build thermal and radiation protection in space that would make spacewalks easier, because sooner or later humanity will fly to Mars and other planets.
Here’s the Captain of the Russian sun mission – Hero Vladmir – who is also an expert on UFOs.

Apart from the Russian project, there are currently two similar projects abroad. European scientists are working on Solar Orbiter apparatus meant to study the Sun from a distance of 60 solar radii (this is slightly closer than the orbit of Mercury). The American Solar Probe will be approaching the Sun at a distance of only 8.5 radii from its surface.
However, Solar Orbiter will launch in 2017, and the Solar Probe – in 2018. As for the date of the launch of the Russian device, the experts believe it will occur in 2015. Russia has a real chance to be ahead of the rest of the world in this space endeavor.
Reporting by Irina Shlionskaya

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  1. Must be nice to look at your countries space program and feel pride still…. All we get is a couple of launching pads for setting off fireworks next year. Hurray

  2. S.Bono or Paris HiltonTHATS HOT that tops all stories what metal etc is this craft I have heard Russians want to achieve more and more they can help USA much like we helped the beast I remember lighting match rockets with aluminum foil tip never landed on the sun I've seen dragons their bones are orange yet that temperature on the sun is way up forces beyond our normal flares hopefully obviously the suns landing spot by russia is on lowest heat factor that being said are you waiting for the news or telling the public what I think I will wow are those hot pockets!

  3. Almost everything on WWN is hard to believe. It is a tabloid. Besides, it takes 8 months to reach Mars. But 3 weeks to reach the Sun?!?!?!

  4. ..yeah, and NASA has recently found a planet that has intelligent alien life on it that is approximately 43 light years away from us. They are developing a spaceship that can go there, and "Buzz Lightyear" suits for the astronauts. They expect to have the technology developed by 2035, and they expect to be there by 2040. If the aliens are friendly, they expect to have a trade network established by 2065, if they are not friendly, we should have it conquered by 2102. "This is going to be great! There will be a real star command and real Buzz Lightyears flying around exploring the universe! I cant wait! " says NASA representative Buzz Lightyear. Then there are the people who don't like the idea. "uhh… if these green men are not nice, they might kill us." says Joe Bloe from the street. But much of the public likes the Idea. "These Joe Bloes from the street are rather uneducated, and don't know how much nuclear bombs we have stored away. We have the power to wipe out a planet, and there are plans to build a "Death Star" too.We could destroy the whole universe if we wanted to." Says Prof. Bill Smith from Butte, MT. "These aren't average Joes in charge here", says former President John F. Kennedy's Ghost. "If this works, we will be burning money to heat the White House", says President Brock Obama. But good old uncle Sam never really agreed with the space program. "When the space program started, we were lunching enough money into space…never to be seen again, and now they want to raise the debt ceiling to fund these numbskulls in Florida to make something that wont work?! I'm at a loss.", says national icon Uncle Sam.
    …But that doesn't stop NASA. "These people are crazy! We won't need to worry about money in 50 years from now. We believe these aliens love media from other planets. We've got it under control.",says Buzz Lightyear.
    NASA has not released the name of the alien planet. "We hadn't named it yet. We will use the alien name" says NASA.

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