LOS ANGELES – Justin Bieber has made his last record.  He wants out of the music business and will only focus on film, TV  and perfume from now on.

Justin Bieber will make a major announcement to his fans on Monday.  He is tired of touring and making records.  He is hanging up his drumsticks, his guitar, his microphone.  His perfume, “Someday” is a smash hit and Justin feels that he should focus more on perfume and a new clothing line for teen girls, rather than music.
“He’s done it all already in music,” said Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, “Justin is tired.  He wants to expand into other areas.  He has a TV series that he is developing with HBO, he’s got 3 to 4 new films in development and he’s thinking of buying Starbucks.  The Biebs loves his frappuccino.”

Fans around the world are in complete and total panic.  “How will I survive without new music from Justin.  I’ll die!” said Lyndsey Morgan of Allentown, PA.  “Justin is the greatest artist to ever live.  He’s much better than Michael Jackson could ever be.  He needs to make more music.  Justin, please, don’t quit!” said Taylor Brandywine on her Facebook page.

Others speculate that Justin is quitting music because he wants to focus on being a good father.  It has been reported from multiple sources that Justin Bieber is having a baby with Selena Gomez.  “The baby is due sometime in January,” said Scooter.
Well, perhaps there will be a new Bieber on the Block soon to take Justin’s place in the music business.

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  1. “Justin is the greatest artist to ever live. He’s much better than Michael Jackson could ever be."
    – – – I can see why some may feel this way, except and sadly for them that is not true… MJ holds the Guinness World Record for the longest span of US Top 40 singles… that is 39 years and 2 months! He first charted (at the age of 13) on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 6, 1971 with "Got To Be There" and last with "Hold My Hand" on January 1, 2011. Here's a link to know more about MJ http://www.michaeljackson.com/us/michael-jackson-

    • He was getting tired of having to sing all the time and he wanted time for himself. thats what i heard from obsessed fans

  2. well if its due in january then nick jonas is the father because it was concieved in april while justin was on tour… 0_o

  3. Just got word–space aliens coming for Beiber. he's leaving music to cover his trail but the perfume will do him in. The aliens have supersensory olefactory abilities.Good bye Justin.

  4. i hope he does quit. not in a mean way but i would actually like him in other areas instead of music 😛 and eww a baby with selena gomez??! GROOOOOOOOOSSSSSS. naa i hate him but he could do so much better.

  5. pls dont quit i am a big fan of yours and if u quit my friends would laugh at me because i am always saying you are the best of all. are you truly going to have a baby with Selena Gomez no pls

  6. Rock on young brother. If you want to advance your career go ahead. I hope you do well at it. You wouldn't have to hire any artists to do songs for your commercials or movies. No hating here. I enjoyed the mad bomber on C.S.I. that was a real psychotic gaze. Don't ever let anyone discourage you from doing greater things. I'm not a fan of your music, but a fan of prosperity, growth and development.

  7. January came and went….I didn't hear about any baby. As far as his music goes…he is great and he was totally dissed by the music industry at the Grammy's. I think it's an evil business…I don't blame him for getting out. Good luck, Justin. I wish you much happiness.


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