BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed a same-sex marriage bill.
After introducing the bill to the State Senate, Jindal made a short statement from the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol building earlier this morning.
“Supriya and I have been blessed with three beautiful children. Everyone in Louisiana should have the right to a family like ours. Today, I am officially pledging my support for same-sex marriage in Louisiana. My goal is to extend the same opportunity that we have been given to the gay and lesbian couples of the Pelican State. Welcome to our family.”
Jindal did not take any questions, but Louisiana Democrats were scrambling to ratchet up support for the new bill. Although Jindal, a Republican, proposed the surprise bill, Democrats fear they will have trouble gathering “Yes” votes from Republican Senators.

The fight appears to be building quickly. Conservative religious leaders and representatives, many who are long-time Jindal supporters, have cancelled summer weekend plans and will convene over the next several days to strategize their counter-attack.
Republican State Representative Jonathan Perry issued this statement: “The fine people of Louisiana did not vote for same-sex marriage. They don’t want it. We want to reassure our constituents that their beliefs will be upheld. I don’t know how Governor Jindal thinks he will overturn the 2004 constitutional amendment. We banned marriage and any other forms of partnership recognition for same-sex couples. And it’s going to stay that way. This is a complete 180. What happened to his Marriage Commission?”
Meanwhile, the Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans is planning a Sunday celebration picnic in Washington Square, just outside of the French Quarter.

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  1. Johnathan perry is an ignorant moron who feels he has to use his authority to feel like he is somebody. Your a nobody …YES FOR GAY MARRIGE who are you to tell me I shouldn't be able to marry my girlfriend when you straight people can marry cheat lie and divorce. I mean come on why do straight people care so much and then they say gays are going to hell guess what by you judging me you sir are breaking one of the ten commandments thank you I don't see anywhere in the ten commandments about being gay. God made me the way he wanted me to be and i guess he had to make ignorant people too just to give us something to talk about when we are board.

  2. I am writing this to say that i think gay/lesbian marriage should be legal in Louisiana. I am very happy with my girlfriend and I hope that one day I can marry her. So we need to do what ever we can to get gay/lesbian marriage leagal.

  3. I love my girlfriend of 7 years. I plan to spend the rest of my life with her. Where are my rights as a us citizen. I don't feel free, I am told what I CAN"T DO.

  4. I dont see why not they marry straight couples who are not committed to each. Straight marriages don't last long away. Some of the rules in straight people's lives or broken why not marry gays. Sex before marriage? Broken by straight people. Adultry? Lol broken too must I go on really?


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