CUPERTINO, CA — Steve Jobs announced he is building a new headquarters that will also double as a spaceship.
Apple Inc. is building new Northern California home: a spaceship that will house an estimated 12,000 employees.  The building will also be able to “take-off” into space in about five years.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at a Cupertino City Council meeting late Tuesday to announce plans for a major expansion.  He introduced several members of NASA who explained how the building would be able to “launch” into space.

The building will have its own green-energy power plant, that will provide electricity for the building and will also provide the jet propulsion power to launch the building into space.
Jobs believes that, if all goes well with the technology he is developing,  the building will be able to reach Mars in 2020.
“We’ve got almost 12,000 people signed up for the building and spaceship,” he said at a town meeting in Cupertino.  “This will be the new Apple campus.  It will be a boost to Cupertino’s economy and a landmark once we take off for outer space.”
City officials appeared enthusiastic about the planned expansion and the building launch. Councilman Orrin Mahoney told Jobs that “the word `spectacular’ would be an understatement.”

“The building is a perfect circle, curved all the way around,” said Job. “There’s not a straight piece of glass on this building.”
“The project will be finished in the  fall of 2012,” Job said.  NASA has scheduled the first building launch for November of 2015.  Here’s NASA’s rendering of what it will look like shortly after it takes off:


  1. Whatever you do of spaceships, the only way to unlock the great space-age mechanism is to put the electromagnetic-vehicle mechanism in biz, this may already be going on on earth secretly. I am not an optimist on having anything to do with the energy tanks as on the moon explorations were acted.


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