PHOENIX –  Arizona has purchased 20,000 Martin Jetpacks to patrol the Mexican border.
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced today that the State of Arizona bought 20,000 Martin Jetpacks to help secure the Arizona border.  “President Obama isn’t doing anything to help our state control our borders.  If he won’t do anything we will!”
Brewer said the Jetpack Officers will be carrying machine guns and if they see any illegal immigrants running into Arizona, they will shoot them from above.

According to Martin Aircraft Company, Arizona bought the Jetpacks after they learned that Los Angeles had bought 10,000. Coupon 44MD32
“We wanted to sell the first jetpacks to law enforcement officers, so that they would be able to control citizens when they took to the air.,” said Martin Jetpack spokesperson, Susan Begley.

Prior to the Martin Aircraft Company’s Jetpack, “no other jetpack has flown higher than 150 feet and no one has ever fired a parachute from a jetpack,” said company founder Glenn Martin.
Martin has spent at least $12 million dollars over 30 years of research and development on the jetpack that he hopes will change the way we all travel.  It will be available for commercial sale in September of this year and is expected to sell for around $25,000.
Here’s the company president talking about the Martin Jetpack:

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