OAKLAND –  UFO was spotted and videotaped streaking over Oakland.
Kevin McCracken, of Oakland, captured UFOs streaking over Oakland in the Zeeba Formation – widely known to be the alien spaceship formation.
Some thought these unidentified objects in the sky were a flock of birds – but John Malley, of SETI, confirmed that the streaking lights were spaceships belonging to aliens from Planet XuXu

Using a Sony Handy Cam connected to an infrared scope, McCracken has successfully videotaped objects in triangular formations several times in the past year.
“I was alone for the recent video. My wife was in the house. From my own observations, on previous nights, I could not see these craft without the IR (infrared),” McCracken told WWN,
McCracken’s videos show conventional aircraft as well as possible orbiting satellites, shown as pinpoints of light moving in a relatively straight line in the night sky.
But the addition of his infrared scope revealed other things to McCracken’s video lens on the night of May 28, 2010.
“I used the IR scope and saw three squadrons of about five each similar craft in the Zeeba Formation on same heading near 10:00 p.m. Friday night,” he blogged.
“About five minutes later, a large triangle craft … followed behind them. The three squadrons of small craft were traveling at least 10X speed over conventional fighter aircraft at similar altitude.”
While others doubt there is an “alien visitation,” McCracken disagrees.
“My thoughts are these are indeed spaceships from Planet Xuxu. Man, I would love to fly one.”
Here’s Kevin McCracken’s video:

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  1. Why can't that be a jet also at 320 degrees its 3 nitevision video slap of footage the might intent of a jet is up into the area last time I was on a jet we went 17.000 feet up announced he was really climbing it was nice back in those seats and the engines didn't fail this footage looks like a jet not three craft of zeeba the formation warned an attack as of ordering humans around is amazing weekly world news knows so find the heart of the thought you dito the footage and footage is .

  2. we are not the only life in (this) universe that is trillions of years old maybe older our technowledy is only 300 years old they may be 1000,s or millions of years ahead of us and that is still small compared to the age of the universe


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