TEL AVIV – Justin Bieber has been called in to help negotiate peace in the Mideast.
The 17-year-old Canadian singer included a stop in Israel as part of a worldwide tour and had planned to spend the week negotiating with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to bring peace to the region.
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for the United States, dimissed comments that ridiculing Bieber getting involved.  “Justin Bieber is a uniting force in the world today.  Many people around the globe – and in Israel, Gaza, The West Bank and all across the Mideast – have Bieber fever. Who better to help bring the parties together than an artist who sings, Never Say Never.”
Secretary Clinton went on to say that she, too, had Bieber fever. “He touched my hand.  It was amazing.”

But Bieber was besieged by adoring young fans and hounded by the Israel’s notoriously aggressive press pack, Bieber complained in tweets of being “superfrustrated” and retreated to his hotel, saying in a tweet: “How am I going to bring about world peace if the papparazzi keep stalking me?!”

Bieber had a private meeting with  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – nicknamed “Bibi” – and children affected by Palestinian rocket fire in Israel’s south.  He also met with Palestinian negotiators for several hours.
“I think I can work this whole thing out,”  Bieber told reporters afterward.  “It easy.  We just need to love each other, and then, we’ll be in love with each other and love will make everyone love each other in the Mideast.”
Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, meanwhile, rode a camel to Egypt.
At his concert last night, Bieber told the crowd: “I want to see this country and all the places I’ve dreamed of and I want them to be happy and peaceful without bombs or missiles or guns.  I want the whole world to be flowers and rainbows.  I think I can make that happen.”
If anyone can do it…. The Biebs can do it!

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