LONDON — British divorce lawyers are drawing up a royal pre-nup for Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Prince William  is set to wed his longtime love Kate Middleton on April 29, and Royal lawyers are drawing up a royal prenuptial agreement that Kate will have to sign or else – the wedding will be off.
“The Queen has requested that  a prenuptial agreement be drawn up before the royal wedding can go forward,” said divorce lawyer Martin Stewart, who handled the multimillion divorce case between Madonna and director Guy Ritchie.

Britain’s royal family has been plagued by a string of failed marriages. Three of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children have been divorced, and William’s uncle on his mother’s side, Charles Spencer, has two ex-wives.  The Queen doesn’t want to be burned again.
Prince William’s office confirmed to WWN that the future king is having a premarital contract drawn up.
Although prenuptial agreements are common in the United States, in Britain they remain rare for most couples – never mind the royal family. British courts agreed to recognize such deals only in the last year after a slew of high-profile divorce awards gave London a reputation as the “divorce capital of the world.”
Kate Middleton and her family have not publicly stated whether she would sign a prenuptial agreement, but people close to Kate say that she is upset that Prince William is pushing royal lawyers on her.  “Kate isn’t happy at all about it.  She’s putting some of the wedding plans on hold,” said  Fiona Wardle, a close friend of Kate’s.
But the Royals will not change their mind.
“One need look no further than the very ugly – and public – split between William’s parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The prince’s former financial adviser, Geoffrey Bignell, told WWN in 2004 that Diana “took him to the cleaners,” and claimed that Charles handed over his entire personal fortune – widely reported to be more than 17 million pounds ($27 million today) – when their marriage ended after 15 years in 1996
That’s not going to happen to Prince William – that is if Kate let’s the wedding go forward.

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  1. I think Kate is an unpredictable soul, but socially she is a natural, and another thing she tends to forget that she is a private individual. I'd say she is going to lack privacy feelings that she was accustomed to. She needs to believe in her own peace more often that she will!
    I can see myself in the shoes of Pc. William and think it's the end of the world in reaching out for the bliss of attention I am accustomed with on the internet, and other pursuits. I don't know but I maybe kidding myself from a very important part!…


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