MOSCOW – 144 years after selling Alaska to the U.S., Russia wants it back.
March 30 marked 144 years since the day when Russia sold Alaska to the United States for five cents per hectare. The adequate agreement was signed at 4 a.m. by the Russian Ambassador to Washington Eduard Stoeckl.
The government of Alexander II sold the huge territory of over 1.5 square kilometers for $7.2 million, gold (11 million rubles, gold).
Now, Vladmir Putin wants Alaska back and he’s told Pravda that he will make it happen before Obama is out of office.
Back in 1867, many Russians were perplexed as to why the government sold the territory which the people of the country had been developing for 126 years.  Many in the country were surprised that the selling price for Alaska was so low.

In America, the deal raised many eyebrows too. They found it hard to understand why the country needed 365 million acres of frozen land. The price for that land was too high, many Americans thought.
William Seward, then-Secretary of State, was conducting negotiations with Russia regarding Alaska. He also signed the sales agreement, and he received most criticism for that. Rumor has it that the senators who approved the ratification of the agreement, were bribed by the Russian ambassador. Indeed, historians say that Stoeckl received $25,000 from Alexander II for his efforts.
If bribes did happen, they were probably the bribes that contributed greatly to the development of the country, Americans historians say. Gold was found on Alaska several years after it was no longer a part of Russia. Oil and gas reserves discovered there were worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
It is worthy of note that the sale of Alaska led to long-term negative consequences for the United States. Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos did not recognize the deal. They were granted US citizenship only in 1924.
The situation changed after the discovery of enormous oil reserves in 1968. Three years later, Washington made a decision worth of Solomon. Alaskan Aborigines received approximately 11 percent of the state territory in their property and a share in oil-mining corporations.
Today, 60 percent of Alaska’s territory is owned by the federal authorities of the United States. Twenty-eight percent is owned by the state itself. One percent of Alaska is in private property.  Russia wants it all.
The Russians plan on forcing Americans off their land starting this July.
Russian Empress Ekaterina II sold Alaska to the States. A popular song by Russian band Lube called “Don’t Fool Around, America” from 1989 has the following line: “Ekaterina, you were not right.”
There’s a new popular song in  Russia, “We Got Alaska Back!”

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24 thoughts on “RUSSIA WANTS ALASKA BACK!”

  1. No, it doesn't mean "war". It means instead, that provisions of the lease agreement are no longer valid. In simple words, they just ran up.
    So indeed, Russia never "sold" Alaska. The deal was all about rent, not sale. Go read the deal, yankees.

    • um excuse me foreignor… but most of us yanks are descendants of european background so be careful what you say.
      russia will create so much havoc for the people in alaska. means people will lose businesses homes schools all of it. you can try to push us out but remember the treaty can be re done

  2. If they try to take back Alaska, then I say the USA should start clamoring for Germany to get back the lands stolen by Russia for Russis and Poland, after Russia's blatently illegal land grab after WW2.

  3. This article no true, Russia never thought about back Alaska, because in Russia more other problems…The popular song in Russia “We Got Alaska Back!” its song Joke, and haven't serious meaning. This is song was popular about 20 ago, and only because it include words about women and caviar… For Russia really serious question now about Kurile Islands with Japan and grow economics to normal level!

  4. alaska back to russia has the leasehold run…..out..It might do russian american relations .they could go hunting and drinking…

  5. I listen to his mouth run non stop. I think MR Putin suffers from a thing called " Little Man Syndrome" I think maybe all he needs is a baby chair he can put in his car to sit on to make him look bigger as they tote him through town there in Russia. You know like the kind Hitler used back in day. Fact I think he kind of looks like him reminds me of a little tiny troll.

    • thats funny cause i dont remember you or hitler being a sixth degree black belt in judo and kyokishin kaikun he is only 60 also being a former kgb agent he is highly trained i doubt anyone could stand up to him without having second thoughts he hunts he kills and is deadly just with his hands unlike you "trained" soldiers over there he isnt afraid of anyone he can take on almost anyone and barack has to make speeches behind bulletproof glass like really? you guys all think you are so high and mighty but really your just as small and weak like your goddamn economy

    • Really… you sound like an arrogant idiot yankee who thinks he's better than every body else in this world…

  6. russia – america lmao how about the first peoples that lived in these areas tens of thousands of years before russian or americans even new ALASKA existed.
    The native peoples or first human inhabitants of these lands, should have a say as well, they lost their homes/ no matter how basic they may have been, it was still theirs. It be no different then a large force of native people from North america let's say – marching into London/Nyc/beijing etc etc and saying this land belongs to us and that is that.
    To the americans getting angry and upset about this (which wont happen anyways) how do you think the russians felt when their GOV sold alaska to the US and lost their houses. Come on !
    It is native land FIRST. second i guess russian then american. If the US bought the land fair and square then tough on russia for selling it.
    Never forget the real owners though, that have apparently no say.


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