SURREY, ENGLAND – A photograph shows five-year-old Sirus Walsh standing next to his ghost friend.
The Walsh family has proven to local authorities that their home is haunted – but insists no one is worried as their spooky visitors are not threatening.
“My daughter was just taking pictures of her children larking about with her new phone, when she saw that the first photo of her two boys had a halo over both of them,’ said Sirus’s grandmother Julie Smith, 52.
“She thought, “This isn’t right” and deleted it – and it was when she took the next picture that we noticed Sirus’s little playmate.

Sirus calls his friend, Jordan, and they play most of the day together without incident.
Some people have said the photo that was posted on Facebook by Ms Smith denies is a faked, but Smith denies it saying that no one in her family has the technical know-how to mock up a forgery.  Experts have since looked at the photo and determined that it is not a fake.
Jordan, the ghost,  is not the only uninvited guest at daughter Sarah Walsh’s house in Redhill, Surrey.
“We weren’t too alarmed, as we’ve got another ghosts in the house.  One is called Pete, and he has what we would call “The Gift”,’ said Ms Smith.
“We got lots of them in here – people from the other side in your house.  And they are all friendly.”
Sirus continues to play with Jordan, and said that Jordan will be attending his birthday party in May.

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8 thoughts on “GHOST PLAYMATE”

  1. Ghost-playmates have a few things in common, mostly being in a day-dream state out of the spirit side of life, communion with the same spirit they had while on earth although not at the same instinct level, they form a unity in rhythmic energies of themselves and the atmospheric energies as the very soil, they may influence physical properties sensually in a Godly-heat-sense of stimuli which can be trilling and even healing in all respects.
    I'd beware of too mcuh of such rhythmic heat, it can put you in a mental hopital if yuo do not stay close to the natural world in a general sense of peace.


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