PHOENIX – A breastfeeding baby doll has hit shelves here in the U.S.!
The doll is a cute little baby, like many others, but this one makes sucking noises.
It is supposed to mimic a nursing baby when it is held up to a special top that comes with it.
If it’s not burped afterward, the doll even cries.

The creators say the doll teaches young girls the importance of breastfeeding and could help them as adults.
In order to “breastfeed”, a little girl straps on a halter top where two flowers represent the nipples. The baby doll, once close to a flower (aka breast), has a sensor in its mouth and makes suckling noises.

The U.S. version of the breastfeeding baby was released last week and has been flying off the shelves.  Most American mothers are thrilled to see their young daughters with a doll attached to their non-existent breasts,
“Breastfeeding is good for babies, it’s good for mommies and it’s good for society. We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy,”  said Sally Wilkins of Denver.

The owner of the company, Sanford Lewis said, “We’re being called perverts and pedophiles for promoting feeding our babies the way God intended? Churches all over the world are filled with images of Mary nursing baby Jesus, and yet we can’t imagine letting our daughters learn how important breastfeeding is for our society?”

“As a mother I am all for breastfeeding and believe it is one of the most natural and healthiest things a mother can do for her child,” said Sandy Barkman, 31, of Buffalo.

A little girl who is perhaps four years and up who plays with baby dolls is probably not ready to pretend she is breastfeeding. For those young boys who may witness a girl playing with her Breast Milk Baby, they, too, will probably be confused and full of questions.

Child expert, John Malley, Ph.D. tells parents that “toys can play an important role in a child’s education and development…”, and “Playing with toys – even something as simple as blocks – allows children to create their own play environment and stimulate their imagination.”

Dr. Malley said that breast milk baby will more than likely result in questions from young girls to their mothers and/or fathers asking why a baby feeds from her breast that’s not even yet capable of producing milk).

Here’s a video of the new doll:

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  1. Little girls young enough to use this product are not going to remember using it when they are ready to breast feed their own children! The way to advocate breastfeeding in society is not for little girls who don't have breasts of their own anyway using something like this! Nursing in public and talking about breastfeeding is the way to do this… not doing something a little creepy.

  2. This is going way too far. I am a mother of 3 and I think this new doll is ridiculous. While I am an advocate for breastfeeding, I think society should be focused on teaching our children abstinence not how to "properly" care for a baby if you had one. This is just another thing to add to the list of why this world is going to hell.

  3. I think this doll is a mistake for little girls. This may help interduce the idea of breast feeding but it also may increase the number of teen moms as well. This doll is not for little girls.

    • Please explain how this could increase the incidence of teen pregnancy. I can't come up with a ridiculous reason, let alone a sensible one.

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with this doll!!! Breastfeeding is the God-given way of feeding a baby. Heck – I didn't need a special baby doll to "breastfeed," I did it myself when I was three because I wanted to be like Mommy. (Oh – and I didn't have little boys asking me what I was doing because my parents ACTUALLY TAUGHT me what was appropriate and inappropriate – something that is lacking with parents today). And guess what?! I abstained from sex until I was married!!!! Imagine that!!!! To say that this doll will "increase the number of teen moms" or is "another reason this world is going to hell" is absurd! BTW – if you think this baby doll will promote teenage moms, then why don't you go ahead and remove every baby doll off the shelf. I'll tell you why there are more and more teenage moms out there – shows on TV that glorify the experience!!!! NOT BABYDOLLS!!! GEESH!!!! There is nothing wrong with this doll – just people and parents who have perverted minds.

  5. Kids will mimic mommy with or without this doll. That is what kids do. Not a big deal. Don't want your kid to know about babies, then guess they can't have ANY baby dolls. *rolls eyes….

  6. As a mom and pediatric nurse, I have to say I'm a little unsure why a little girl needs to learn or understand the importance of breast feeding. What positive can come out of this, or what is she going to learn now that she can't learn later when needed? Not sure about this one.

    • You would like to know the positive that can come out of this.
      1. Giving a little girl a toy baby with bottle preconditions them, that when they become mother they will bottle feed. At least this baby toy will precondition a girl to breastfeed, the natural right way to feed a baby.
      2. Giving this toy to a boy might help him when he is older to view breast as not only sexual but nurturing to a baby, and there for he may be more supportive of his partner who chooses to breastfeed.
      3. Breastfeeding as a whole should be viewed as normal, not abnormal or disgusting, by adults and children alike. This doll will get children asking questions and parents telling the truth, so that some day no one will need to ask questions, breastfeeding will be the norm and everybody will leave breastfeeding mother alone and the children who wish to mimic their mothers, and bottles and formula will be viewed as they so rightly should be as abnormal.

  7. If milk for your baby came out the tip of your thumb and you saw a little girl putting her thumb to the baby dolls mouth, no one would think it was wrong or creepy. Breasts are there to feed a baby. Simple.

    • I agree with you 100%. I'm currently breast feeding my 4 month old and I wish the public was more accepting of breast feeding. Maybe this doll will help breast feeding to be a completely normal way to feed a hungry child.

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