CAIRO, Egypt – Scientists plan to resurrect King Tutankhamen to lead Egypt out of oppression.
With Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak barely being able to hold onto his thirty year regain of power, new potential presidential candidates are beginning to surface everywhere.
It appears unlikely that President Mubarak’s son Gamal Mubarak will be brought into power as many assumed would be the case; this mainly being due to the recent appointment of Omar Suleiman as Vice President. The Obama administration has been urging Mubarak to step down and allow Vice President Suleiman to oversee a military-backed transitional government until the election scheduled for this September.

The appointment of Mubarak as Vice President and the push from the Obama administration has not deterred other potential candidates from coming forward throughout Egypt. The head of the Arab League, Amr Moussa; founder of the Ghad (Tomorrow) party Ayman Nour; and Hamdin Sabahi of the unlicensed Karama (Dignity) party are among some of the leading contenders, but the most fascinating proposed candidate of all is the mummy of ancient Egyptian ruler King Tutankhamen.
Scientists at the Center for Human Reanimation, Incarnation and Stem-cell Technology, have begun using DNA samples from the mummy in order to reanimate the famous pharaoh. The biggest challenge for the scientists on the team is finding specific biometric identifiers of the ancient ruler.  The center is funded largely in part by the Muslim Brotherhood who has been remarkably quiet throughout the recent uprisings in Egypt. Many speculate that they have been keeping under the radar due to their involvement with the project.

“We have been very fortunate that the young ruler was preserved so well. We are just being very fastidious before claiming to have found the exact DNA sequence needed to reanimate the former leader,” said Srhahhm Lahedh, chief scientist working on the project.
Some religious leaders who have caught wind of the project are extremely concerned about what the scientists are doing, however.
“The dead are dead for a reason. God takes us when he feels that our time on earth is over. It is not the place of man to alter God’s will. Plus, will Tut still not have the same polytheological system of beliefs of his day. This faith could be catastrophic should he come to power.”
Weekly World News was able to acquire this statement form the Muslim Brotherhood with respect to their decision to resurrect the ancient ruler.
“Although King Tutankhamen was young and perhaps somewhat naïve when he ruled in ancient times, he has had over 3,000 years to think about the mistakes that he may have made. He was for ancient Egypt what JFK was for the United States in the 1960s. We are sure that he will be an excellent president.”
With elections still currently set for September of this year the Muslim Brotherhood feels confident that they will have King Tut fully animated and acclimated to 21st century culture in time for the elections.

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