Your Passport to Heaven is a non-stop thrill ride giving its readers an insight into what it takes to insure your passage through the pearly gates.
Critics have raved that this book is the best book written next to the Bible. However, resent statistical analysis has shown that the Bible is actually loosing ground against this new “good book”.
“It’s just so much easier to read than the Bible,” said Sarah Stevenson of bookreview.com, “Diane really gives it to you straight. Plus she guarantees you admission into a higher dimensional realm without any of the fine print and stipulations that you get from God and his boy, Jesus.”


In the book she explains:
Exactly where heaven is.

  • I had always heard that the entrance was behind the Arby’s on Route 9 but as it turns out, that was just a rumor.

How to guarantee that you will gain entry into heaven.

  • There is a lot of mention of Austrian crystal crosses here.

How to talk to the already deceased over the phone and through your TV set.

  • This section is most helpful when you need to start looking for an apartment. The rents in heaven can be very expensive and the housing market is very competitive.

There are only a few copies left at www.alibris.com. Get them while you can to insure your place in heaven. Buy directly form Dianne and you will get, not only your passport to eternal life but also one free Austrian crystal cross (cross not required for entry into heaven.)
Author, Diane Tessman is revered as one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the difficult world in which we live. She has 30 years of practice helping those in need of life direction and extensive experience channeling interdimensional beings. She has also been a contributor for such great literary works as It’s Raining Cats And Dogs: Ghostly Pets, Phantom Felines And Haunted Hounds and Our Alien Planet: This Eerie Earth.


Your Passport to Heaven was co-written by Timothy Green Beckley. Author of books such as Strange Encounters: Bizarre & Eerie Contact With UFO Occupants and Secrets Of Death Valley: Mysteries And Haunts Of The Mojave Desert; where one can find out about amazing discoveries from the Mojave Desert such as a 12 foot levitating clown and a teleporting leprechaun that helps you find gold.

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  1. "The rents in heaven can be very expensive and the housing market very competitive" LOL! It's brutal if you don't have the right Realtor.


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