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Rove's Brain Goes on Attack, Literally!

NEW YORK – Viewers of Fox News morning talk show, Morning Joe, report seeing political pundit Karl Rove’s brain escaping his head mid-sentence.  Karl Rove’s brain reportedly flew through the studios until it found an open door.

Upon exiting the building, the brain flew south on 6th Avenue knocking over three people wearing Obama For President t-shirts before ascending into the sky and entering a waiting alien ship.
“This is not change we can believe in.  Its more of the same!” Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is quoted as saying after hearing of the incident.
Back in the studio, Morning Joe kept rolling.
“He just kept on talking.  It was like nothing changed once his brain left,” says Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, confirming long-standing allegations that the words that come out of Karl Rove’s mouth are not the result of a properly functioning brain.
When asked about this morning’s events, MSNBC anchor, Keith Olbermann replied, “I was actually more surprised by the angel wings.  I really thought it would have been bats wings, or serpent wings.  Who would have thought angel wings on Karl Rove’s brain?”
Sightings of the alien ship were reported throughout the morning above major cities on the East Coast.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the whereabouts of the alien aircraft transporting Karl Rove’s brain.

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