NAURU – A small speck of an island in the South Pacific has the fattest people in the world and – the island is sinking!
Nauru is the smallest independent republic on earth and is situated in the South Pacific between Hawaii and Australia. The island is a mere 8.1 square miles, can be circumnavigated in less than 20 minutes and has a population of only about 10,000. The island may be physically isolated from much of the world but that has not stopped it from enjoying many of the spoils of mainland developed nations.

The economy of Nauru began to grow rapidly in the 1980s when the country began mining for guano, the excrement of cave dwelling animals that is used as an ingredient in fertilizer, gunpowder and exotic dishes served in France. Due to the small population and constant infusion of cash, Nauru has become the second-highest income per capita nation in the world.
This influx of money allows the country to import various products like Segways, Xbox 360s and processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. These delicious treats and lazy day activities have become not only favorites among the locals but staples as well.
As a result of this unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, the inhabitants of Nauru have become some of the largest people on the planet. The average weight of an adult male is 375lbs and children are often born weighing in excess of 15lbs.
This added weight has not only taken a toll on the population but also on the land in which they live. With the ever increasing weight of the residents and the ever growing mounds of garbage from product packaging, geologists have noticed that the island is actually sinking. At the current rate, analysts believe that the island could disappear as early as May of this year.
It is unclear what will happen to the citizens of Nauru as the perimeter of their island home decreases. But if the people of the great nation of Nauru do not act fast, they will most certainly drown. This has truly become a sink or swim situation.

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    • Pay attention, the article states that it is the smallest independent republic in the world not the smallest country. Who is stupid now?

  1. It is NOT stupid….the article says that Nauru is the world's smallest REPUBLIC. The Vatican is the smallest COUNTRY…it is a Theocracy, not a republic. Do you know the difference between a POPE & a PRESIDENT?

  2. Some errors here. Nauru is not CURRENTLY the 2nd highest per capita income in the world. Quite the opposite. And to propose that increasing weight of the people or "mountains of garbage" are making the island sink is ridiculous. Consult some experts and investigate before you write such trash if you purport to be a "journalist."

  3. Put it this way. I am born and bred on Nauru for the last 45 years and Nauru is definitely floating and won't be submerge as stated in May of this year. Whether it is a President or Pope, fattest people on earth and hilarious, we still live a normal life going around the island in 20 minutes or so. Above all being obese with diabetics talks, we all die being healthy destiny 6 feet underground after all. Enjoy life to the fullest "DON'T LOOK BACK STAY ON TRACK"

  4. The most notable fact here is that the fatty western diet that is firmly ingrained in this society is now slowly killing off an entire island full of people!

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    378 lbs and just had to pay a 60 % surcharge for his plane ticket to Korea where he clumsily
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