CHICAGO – Oprah announced her latest book club selection:   GOING MUTANT – Bat Boy Exposed!

Nearly a decade after the public feud between Oprah Winfrey and Bat Boy Ms. Winfrey has selected “Going Mutant – Bat Boy Exposed” as her next book-club pick, according to booksellers who have seen early copies of the books. The selection is expected to be announced on Friday’s “Oprah” broadcast.

In 2001, Bat Boy was kicked off her set after he implied – with high-pitched screams – that s. Winfrey’s book club picks were middlebrow and that being chosen as a book club pick — meant a book was “bat sh%t”.

Bat Boy never apologized, but Oprah is still fascinated with the half-boy, half-bat.

The speculation about the book club pick began to build earlier this week, when editors across New York gathered to whine and moan about Going Mutant being selected.

“They’re just jealous,” said Dr. Barry Leed – the author of Going Mutant. “This is a ground-breaking book. I’ve got my Ph.D. in Mutant Bat Science and this book took many years of research and hard work.”

You should get the book now – RIGHT HERE – before it is sold out.

And here’s an interview with Dr. Leed about Going Mutant.


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