TOKYO – Fisherman who were carrying out their annual dolphin hunt captured a dolphin that had human arms!

Fishermen at the Japanese town made famous by the controversial Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove” shrugged off protests by animal rights activists on Tuesday to carry out their annual dolphin hunt.

They were shocked with one of the first dolphin’s that they captured — it  had human arms!!

Japanese broadcaster TBS said the first hunt of the season in the town of Taiji took place on Tuesday, without mentioning how many dolphins were involved.

They said 14 dolphins were killed, while another six — mothers and calves — were spared, at least temporarily.  There was no news as to whether the dolphin with human arms (nicknamed Luka) was killed.

Western activists were chanting, “Mama dolphin, baby dolphin. No!” at the time Luka was discovered.  Actually, the activists were the first to notice because Luka started clapping along to the chant – using his human hands.

“It was incredible.  The Japanese fishermen pulled Luka into the boat and he punched a few of them with his human fist,”  said Rainbow Williams, an activist from San Francisco.  “Luka has a strong punch and I think he knocked out two or three fisherman with his punches.”

It became something of a brawl between the quick-jabbing dolphin and the Japanese fishermen.  But they eventually threw a net over Luka’s head and subdued him with a tranquilizing dart.

Activists tried to get involved in the fray but the Japanese fishermen held them off with gunshots over their heads.

What will the Japanese fisherman do with Luka?

“We will be bringing Luka to a marine biology research center in Osaka.  We will keep him safe and study him there.”

“Bullshit!!  They are going to kill him,” said Williams.  “We need to free Luka.  Free Luka!  Free Luka!”  There are hundreds of protesters outside the research facility waiting for the Japanese to release Luka – but it doesn’t seem like it will be happening anytime soon.

Japan has long maintained that killing dolphins is not banned under any international treaty and that the animals are not endangered, adding that dolphins need to be culled to protect fishing grounds.

Free Luka!!!

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  1. Does this dolphin have opposable thumbs? Luka would be a very rare find if this was the case .. otherwise I'm not impressed. Throw him in a cage with Mike Tyson and let the two of them fight to the death — ticket sales can go to the Wildlife Conservatory

  2. Sick that this killing still occurs…human animals are the lowest form on earth and eventually will eradicate themselves…STUPID HUMAN TRICKS…

    • jolene et al…. people seem to think it is photshopped, but this was actually taken by Japanese photographer Araka Nobyoshi. you can say anything is photoshopped, but at some point you have to believe the truth!!

    • Number one: Nobuyoshi Araki is not and never has been an underwater photographer or a wildlife photographer. He does portraits, some more on the side of erotica.

      Secondly, where was this photo taken? If the first they saw of this creature was as it was hauled onto a boat in front of a crowd how come no one had pictures of that event? Why is this picture underwater? This is not explained.

      And yeah, you are insulting Nobuyoshi. Not cool.

  3. it is photoshopped but it could b ttrue becuase fish did evolve in the water and grew there limbs in water before they came on land but this is soo fake!!

  4. First time I saw this was in the early 90s. I clipped the pic and used it for my crappy xeroxed zine. Glad to see this pre-internet meme lives on.


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