NEW YORK –  Weekly World News has selected Tina Fey as the Sexiest Woman Alive and Bat Boy is going to tell her on 30 Rock Live!

WWN has spent the last month pouring over pictures of beautiful women:  Kim Kardashian, J-Woww, Larissa Requilme, Rhianna, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Jenny McCarthy, Tyra Banks, Giselle Bundchen, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez etc…  It’s been a grueling process.

r. Barry Leed had to be rushed to the hospital several times.  Ph.D. Ape made a brilliant speech to the group, outlining the pros and cons over every woman. After a lengthy discussion and very little debate, the WWN board was unanimous.

NO woman can hold a candle to the WWN choice:  Tina Fey.  The Sexiest Woman Alive!

Bat Boy is a BIG, BIG fan of Tina Fey.  She is doing a LIVE broadcast of her hit sitcom 30 Rock tonight and Bat Boy intends to show up and give her the WWN Sexiest Woman Alive award in person.  Bat Boy is disgusted that Minka Kelly got the honor from Esquire.

Why  did WWN choose Tina Fey?  She’s beautiful, smart, funny.  End of story.   That makes her the sexiest women alive and sexier than most dead women as well.

And those glasses —- yowza!

We love a girl who knows her way around a typewriter:

Come hither?  You betcha.

There are those glasses!!    And those legs! …

Esquire recently named Minka Kelly as The Sexiest Woman alive.  Please… You think she’s sexier than Tina?

Been there, haven’t done that.  But…whatever.

This is the first annual WWN Sexiest Woman Alive post…. Bat Boy will be delivering Tina’s WWN  SWA Statuette to her personally on the set of 30 Rock.  Look for him tonight on 30 Rock live!!

Frank Lake has been in contact with Tina’s people for a personal interview.  So far, no call back… but he’s hoping to get the full scoop.

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7 thoughts on “30 ROCK LIVE – BAT BOY LOVES TINA FEY”

  1. I am not sure if I would have chosen Tina Fey or Minka Kelly .. very surprised Esquire chose her over one of the well known models / actresses .. Tina Fey scares me when she tries to be sexy though ..

  2. Well Sparky….I believe that they film Friday Night Lights in Texas. I also believe that one of the largest bat colonies in the US is also in….Texas. Coincidence?
    I doubt it!!!

  3. Bat Boy has dated every hot women in NYC at one point or another. Wait until after his book launch party!! Things might get a little crazy


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