LOS ANGELES – The Mythbusters went on Keith Olbermann last night and confirmed that jetpacks have arrive – and are flying around L.A.

Following on WWN’s breaking story about 10,000 jetpacks being bought by the LAPD,  Keith Olbermann dedicated half of his show to an in-depth analysis of jet pack technology.

Olbermann interviewed the hosts – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – of the popular Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters about jetpack technology and its viability.  Olbermann and others at MSNBC were skeptical that jetpacks were actually being used by the LAPD

“Not only is the technology viable, but it’s advanced much faster and much farther than we could have ever imagined,” said Savage.  “I thought this myth was busted for sure, ” said Hyneman, “but we went out to The Martin jetpack factory in Temecula and spoke with the Chief Jetpack Engineer, Robert Blanton.  He proved to us that the jetpacks work and are being mass-produced in an underground bunker in Escondido.”

There are many rumors swirling about the jetpack story, but if you want the truth you have to stick with WWN   Frank Lake spoke with Governor Schwarzenegger at length last night in an undisclosed location in Venice, CA.   “The Governor told me, off the record, that not only have the LAPD, in fact, bought 10,000 jetpacks, but the state has ordered over 50,000 – mostly to deal with undocumented workers,” said Frank Lake.

“We plan to fly over the border, scoop them up and then drop them about 50 miles south of Tijuana.  These jetpacks are going to be a big help in the keeping the border safe,” said Schwarzenegger.

Why is everyone keeping the L.A. Jetpack purchase a secret?  Why is there so much misformation and disnformation being spread by the mainstream media?

Mythbuster Savage said that the government typically keeps new technology a secret because they don’t want “the enemy” (whoever that is) to get hold of the technology.

“But we tested the jetpacks.  Adam got to as high as 10,000 feet on his first flight, and I got up to 7,000 feet, but they was probably because I ate a carne asada burrito right before takeoff.”

The Mythbusters said that with a five-gallon tank of gas, users of The Martin Jetpacks will be able to fly about 500 miles at an altitude of 5,000 feet.  “I think 100 miles per gallon is pretty damn good,” said Savage.

“This myth is confirmed!” said Hyneman.

Meanwhile, the first Jetpack arrest was made last night in Brentwood.  Two Jetpack Law Enforcement Officers arrested two women for eating salad at Whole Foods without paying.  They were flown to L.A. County Jail.

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