SIBERIA – Russian men are choosing to spend their time with rubber women rather than real women.
In a trend that is growing across Russia, men are not pursuing women anymore for relationships, companionship or even sex.  Instead they are purchasing rubber women and spending their leisure time with them, rather than trying to find a girlfriend.
“Russian women are too demanding, too  difficult.  It is much easier to go to the store, buy a girlfriend and be done with it,”  said Viktor Kuchin, 29.
It all started near the Ob reservoir (Ob Sea) in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Several men decided to hold a Rubber Woman Party, in which men were invited to come with their favorite rubber woman.  “That was the best party we’ve had in Novosibirsk in ten years.  The men talked about sports and business while the rubber women just stood in the corner. Later, everybody had sex with their rubber girlfriend.  It was a perfect night.”
The women of Novosibirsk, the third largest Russian city after Moscow and St. Petersburg, are not amused.   “Siberian men are sh*t,”  said Anya Goddosky.  “They think that by taking these rubber women to the beach and restaurants and on dates, that women will pay more attention to them. But, we will not. They are clowns. And those rubber women are whores.  Clowns and whores.”
“The women can say what they want, but Siberian men are much happier now,” said Professor Sasha Bondaruk, a psychology professor at the University of Novosibirsk.  “Young Siberian men seem to be getting all they need from these rubber women.  They seem very happy and well-adjusted.”   When WWN interviewed Professor Bondaruk, there were two rubber women in his office.  “Yes, I too have several rubber girlfriends.  Two here and three at home.”   Asked whether he thought he was unusual to have a rubber harem instead of just one rubber girlfriend the Professor said with a smile, “none of them have complained.”
“The best part is that they are inflatable,”  said Boris Pappolin.  “I can carry my girlfriends with me in my carry-on luggage when I go on business trip to Moscow.  It only takes two minutes to blow them up.  Very simple.”  Boris did say that he popped one of his girlfriends after pumping too much air into her backside one night after a party. “I blew too hard.  No problem.  I just buy another one.”
Here’s Boris Pappolin with one of his favorite girlfriends, Katrina.

And here’s another picture of Siberian men frolicking in the ocean with their girlfriends.

Many Japanese men are marrying robot women and now Russians are hooking up with rubber women.  Will these trends catch on in the U.S.?  Well, there have been no reports of men in the United States opting for rubber girlfriends instead of real girlfriends, but the supplier of inflatable women for the American market,  Bishton Inc., said that they are out of stock until June of 2011.

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  1. it`s the stupid article . it `s a water race on rubber women that occures here every summer for fun. Just the competition. Men get those dolls on the beach and return them back after swimming. They forgot to write about a rubber man that was used for race too. a shame

  2. this is the weirdest article i have ever read and truly sad. Well, actually if men would prefer rubber companions then let the beautiful Russian women come to other places around the world to find men who will worship them. Leave these losers to waste their gene pool and die off the earth.


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