NEW YORK, NY – Larissa Riquelme continues to be hot! Now she’s hot in 3D!
No one person has benefitted more from a World Cup than Larissa Riquelme. The Paraguayan beauty entertained us during the tournament with her enthusiasm for her home country and her unique outfits. Dubbed “the girlfriend of the World Cup,” Riquelme has continued her rise to fame – even with the tournament two months behind us. Riquelme latest career move has just made millions of me extremely happy!
The gorgeous Latina has taken it all off for the latest Playboy issue. If regular Riquelme wasn’t hot enough – she can be viewed in 3D in this issue. It’s no shocker that the theme of her shoot is soccer – with the Paraguay national team making an appearance.

Warm-blooded males across the globe will not mind this fascinating – to say the least – tidbit of news. For the last three months, Riquelme has left us wanting more. She even made an unscheduled appearance in China – and the results were disastrous. Now she has gone ahead and answered the prayers of many. Her Playboy shoot is nothing short of spectacular – and you can see it here.


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