LIVERPOOL – John Lennon’s toilet goes on sale today.  Fans are flush with porcelain dreams.
John Lennon’s toilet will be among the items to be auctioned at a sale of Beatles memorabilia  next weekend in Liverpool.
The toilet was from Lennon’s house in Tittenhurst Park, Lennon’s Berkshire home between 1969 and 1972.  It was affectionately called “Yellow Submarine” by Ringo Starr who used the toilet frequently when he had a bad bout of Irritable Bowl Syndrome in 1971.
Lennon told a builder, John Hancock (who signed the bowl), to keep the toilet and “use it as a plant pot” after he had installed a new one. It was stored in a shed at Hancock’s home for 40 years until he died recently.
The toilet is estimated to go for $2,000 to $4,000 dollars.  But it may go for a lot more – especially because Tom Turley, 49 of Phoenix, has expressed interest.  Turley owns toilet bowls that used to belong to Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Soupy Sales (Turley was a big fan).  Turley has also tried to get his hands on a throne that Pope John Paul II used to sit on when he needed to go numero due, but as he said, “The Vatican won’t give it up.”
Turley told WWN, “If I could get my hands on that Lennon bowl, man, my life would be complete. Imagine.  I’d be in heaven.”
The auction organizer, Stephen Bailey, manager of the Beatles Shop in Liverpool, who is selling the famous bowl said, “I can’t believe I’m touching something that touched John Lennon’s arse.  I can almost hear him singing, “I am a Walrus.”   Bailey confirmed that Lennon came up part of the lyric for that song while on the toilet.  “Goo, goo, g’joob was something John used to sing to himself while on the toilet. It was a way for him to relax.  I do it all the time myself now.”
A small harmonica that belonged to Lennon’s son, Julian, is also up for auction. It was also given to Hancock by Lennon, who asked him to take it home as “Julian was driving him mad with it”.   Isn’t that odd how Lennon just gave his things to Hancock for safe keeping in a shed behind his house?  Hmmm….
Hearing about the toilet auction, Paul McCartney immediately jumped on a private jet heading to Liverpool to out-bid anyone  – including Turley.  “I want that bowl.  John was sitting on that when we came up with the lyrics for “It’s A Hard Days Night” and “Long and Winding Road” was inspired by that very bowl.
Yoko is also flying to Liverpool.  Even though her and John considered having a “bowl-in for peace” on that very toilet before they had their infamous “bed-in  for peace,” she doesn’t want the bowl.  But she doesn’t want Paul to have the bowl either.  “Paul always gets his way. Not this time!”  There’s going be a Bowl War in Liverpool.
WWN is betting that Turley wins the auction.
Here’s the bed-in that happened after the bowl-in was canceled:

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  1. I think if you can saw I am a walrus you can have a 4000$ toilet, unless you are John thain
    Yoko has a lot more than this in her bag of treasures from the yellow submarine

    John Lennon's toilet went for over $15,000. Jerry Garcia's toilet went for over $2,500. How much is Jim Morrison's toilet worth?
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