ALBUQUERQUE, NM –  The U.S. government is using brain-eating chemicals to turn Americans into Zombies.
The mainstream media and the scientific dictatorship of the United States Federal Government is giving Americans brain-eating vaccines and putting brain-eating chemicals into the water supply. These chemicals, whether ingested by mouth or injected through the skin, virtually rewire minds into a state of subservient compliance so that their natural instinct to rebel against tyranny is neutered.  They also make people want to eat more broccoli.
The government is calling these chemicals, Soma, named after the dream-inducing, hallucinogenic drug used in Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World.
Dr. John Malley, professor of neuroscience at the University of California Berkeley, says “the chemicals are intended to impose a state of  calm by altering brain chemistry. It also programs Americans little pea brains into wanting to pay the government in excess of 60% of their weekly, monthly or annual salaries.
This is all ominously similar to George Lucas’s 1971 film, TXH 1138, in which the population is controlled  through the use of special drugs to suppress emotion.
Government scientists feel that it is bad for Americans to get angry (particularly those Americans that live in Red States) and they need to be  “treated” by putting pharmaceutical drugs into the water supply and injecting Americans with vaccines will virtually lobotomize – all of us.
Some radio talk show hosts have claimed that brain-altering vaccines and chemicals matches proposals by some in the Obama Administration to add lithium to the water supply in order to treat mood disorders and anti-healthcare emotions.  These radio talk show hosts will soon be off the air, because the FCC will be re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine.  “These crackpots have to go,” Rahm Emanuel told The Daily Kos.
The Zombies first started appearing today in Maricopa County, Az.  They are targeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio first, then they intend to go after the 70% of Arizonans that support SB-1070, the new Arizona immigration law.  At the same time the Zombies are eating brains, the water supply will be flooded with brain-eating chemicals.  “We’ll get your brain one way or another,” said Science Czar, John Holdren.
In other news, the sun was shining in Phoenix today.  Clear skies, no humidity.
Here’s a talk show host telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

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  1. Part 1 – Don't Fool Yourself!
    Before you ar naieve enough to think this couldn't be possible – do a Google search on Obama's Science Czar "John Holdren", or," David Rockefeller", maybe "George Soros", "Lord Rothschild", "Edmund de Rothschild", David de Rothschild," Obama Czar, "Cass Sunstein" , "Bill Gates'", latest activities at the Bilderberg Group attending in Sitges, Spain and his Eugenics donations!
    Alex is a Journalist that digs for the story until he finds the truth, as opposed to the Reporters we have today in the bought off Lame Stream Media that CFR membe, Rupert Murdoch who has acquired al large part of the MS Media, along with his elitist friend Ted Turner!

  2. Part – 2 Don't Fool Yourself
    I believe, once you realize these facts and maybe lay off the flourde water that you are already drinking for a while – you will begin to roll down your sleeves, by a clean water system and begin to read the food labels seriously and purchse organic food, grow your own food in whichever state still allows you to have a garden!
    To learn the truth about this story go to :http://www.prisonplanet.com/establishment-media-pushes-brain-eating-vaccines.html

  3. I don't want government or anybody else spiking my water, jabbing my children, re-wiring my brain or in any other way having any effect on my or my family's well being. Can't they just stick to securing the borders, and issuing currency…you know, the stuff that is the only enumerated items that they are allowed to be doing.

  4. .,looks ike Major Catastrophe is a nwo puppet . alex has more listeners than hannity & glenn beck put together ! several million a day. all he has to do is ask his listeners to search a term for him & it goes STRAIGHT to the top of all the trend sites like google trends . this has happened 6 times last month . he does his research very carefully & that is Excellent journalism . he doesnt get TOLD what to say like every other Mainstream media outlet that YOU obviously watch. so please be first in line for more of your beloved mind control ! that much power is Nothing to "LAUGH" about "Major"!

  5. “We’ll get your brain one way or another,” said Science Czar, John Holdren.
    How out of context is this quote taken? Is it even a quote?

    • in other words… he told you what you wanted to hear.
      couldn't agree more with major catastrophe.
      To propaganda seeker… who is a puppet? alex jones asks you to search a term and everyone does it… sounds like you are the puppets? excellent and careful research? You obviously do not know what careful and excellent research entails. While a portion of what jones touts is based in reality most of it is not… All you would have to do is do some careful and excellent research to figure this out

  6. There is a typical lack of magnesium in people's diets today due to food processing techniques. This is what causes the stress. You don't need a vaccine for it. Magnesium is cheaper.

  7. I heard that on the next Friday the 13th they are going to come down here and messs everything up, ppl should read the survival guide on WWN

    • In related news, the Maenad Project, lead by Dr. Uraeus Miska, is reseaching a means to deal with the xombie menace.

  8. There are reports of Xombie outbrakes in these states: Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Missouri.

  9. Do you think Miami will be next? It has already started but the victim has survived without a face. At least we know that you do not get infected by a bite, right? And the CDC has previously released a safety guide for a, “zombie apocalypse” weeks ago… The gov’t will take our gun ownership rights… i guess follow the harder way and obey… let the authorities think that you are some stupid fool but have a plan. Survive. Be prepared. Have your kit ready .. you will never know. Go without giving an inch to save mankind, humanity and mother nature…and science.


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